Villains: Ganondorf

Earlier this week, we discussed the Top Five Heroes In Gaming. However, we all know, a great hero is nothing without an equally notorious evildoer. A villain has no remorse for others and can pose the greatest threats to the forces of good. The greatest of villains, though, have unique qualities that separate them from the rest of the pack. Whether it’s their sheer power or their immense intellect, the best antagonists have traits that put them on a whole other level. With that said, it seems fitting to discuss the baddest of the bad. Therefore, here are the top five villains in gaming.

5. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Villains: Sephiroth

As the result of a dastardly scientific experiment, Sephiroth was probably one of the most powerful and unsettling villains gamers faced in their childhoods. Not only does his unusually calm demeanor send chills down your spine, but his actions make you want to hate him. Lets face it, when someone summons a giant meteor to try and destroy your entire world, you probably won’t be a huge fan of them. Regardless, Sephiroth’s reckless and uncaring nature definitely earns him a place among the greatest of villains.

4. Doctor Eggman/Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)

Villains: Eggman

Doctor Ivo Robotnik, otherwise know as Doctor Eggman, represents what it means to be a classic villain. With a staggering IQ and no idea when to quit, Doctor Eggman continuously works towards his goal of world domination using his mechanical creations. Of course, what really makes the man a force of evil revolves around his use of small animals as the basis of his robots! The fiend takes little rabbits and squirrels and turns them into hedgehog-killing machines! That’s madness! Oh yeah, and there’s the fact that he releases these robots on humanity on a regular basis — but that’s besides the point. Doctor Eggman’s cruelty to wildlife makes him one of the worst villains out there.

3. Bowser (Super Mario Bros. Series)

Villains: Bowser

Perhaps one of the most iconic villains in history, Bowser proves that even small goals can be villainous. The king of the Koopas doesn’t want world domination or the elimination of mankind. He simply wants to marry Princess Peach and rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Even so, Bowser’s combination of power and charisma speak leaps and bounds. He always manages to keep Mario on his toes, regardless of whether he succeeds or not. Though he may not strike as great a chord as others, Bowser still managed to set the foundation for great villains.

2. Ganon/Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda Series)

Villains: Ganondorf

Ganon doesn’t possess evil qualities like some other villains — he represents evil itself. While each incarnation of Ganon can vary in their goals, they all embody the evil force that Hyrule can never get rid of. No matter how many times Link and Zelda defeat him, Ganon will always eventually return, just as they will as well. The fight between good and evil will always occur, with Ganon representing the former. That, plus the fact that he can turn into a giant pig monster and unleash havoc, earns Ganon a spot among the greatest video game villains.

1. GLaDOS (Portal Series)

Villains: glados

Ah yes, the snarky robot from the Portal series that tried to kill us every chance she got. While she isn’t evil personified like Ganon, she represents something that some of us fear more than anything else: sentient AI. Throughout your entire journey through Aperture Labs, GLaDOS gives off an unsettling vibe that something is amiss. Her seemingly friendly comments hide secret devious intentions that, while humorous, also make players feel nervous. She eventually reveals her true intentions and tries to eliminate you. Because of GLaDOS’ ability to strike a subtle sense of fear masked in the form of humor and memorable, auto-tuned quotes, she receives the top spot among the best villains in gaming. That, and she lied to us about that cake.

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