Luigi’s Mansion Gamecube Retro Review

Luigi’s Mansion holds many of my fondest memories from gaming on the Nintendo Gamecube. So, once Nintendo officially announced Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch, I was compelled to revisit the original game. It’s where my love for Super Mario’s underdog first took root. The game was developed and published by Nintendo, that originally released on September 14th, 2001. Luigi’s Adventure! The game starts off […]

It Doesn’t Matter If Netflix’s Bandersnatch Is A Game [Spoilers]

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has been an internet phenomenon for the past couple of years. And while some dismiss the show as basically asking every episode, “What if technology was a person?” others love the show’s often bleak look into our all too near future. Black Mirror’s latest episode, Bandersnatch, is no different.  A warning […]

Below Review (Xbox One)


Below is a beautiful, captivating experience that does all it can to push the player away from exploring to their heart’s content. As much as I wanted to continue diving deeper into the dark, mysterious underground world, the survival aspects of the game and the punishing high cost of dying pushed me away as much […]