Congratulations, Possum House Games, I’m officially scared of the dark again. What game was terrifying enough to turn me into a nervous wreck? Astonishingly, it’s a pixel game. A quaint little platforming shooter called Shot in the Dark. Despite its no-frills artistic style, Shot in the Dark managed to raise my pulse […]

Kinetic Edge is the latest game from SCT and is a very fun and challenging Puzzle – Racing game that will have you playing for hours. Playing Kinetic Edge was a completely new experience for me, I don’t usually play puzzle games but I found myself enjoying the game from […]

SuperMash is a multicart thrown into a blender. I distinctly remember my first exposure to multicarts. I had just popped in Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits for the N64, and my mind was a tizzy with excitement. How could gaming get any better than this? This experience brought back even older […]

  Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly Designer: Darren Sugg Publisher: Epic Games, Warner Bros Platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices (iOS and Android) Release Date: 20th February 2020 Review Date: 28th April 2020 Been playing more Fortnite since lockdown measures were introduced? Check out our review of […]