With the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct that occurred recently, we now know of the entire initial fighter roster for the game. With a total of 74 characters (including echo fighters), fans can surely look forward to trying out tons of combinations during matches. With that said, we thought it would be fun to look back at the fighter reveals for the game and determine which ones outshine the others. As always, remember that this list is opinion-based, so some of these choices may not line up with yours. Also, we will not be including echo fighters or DLC characters on this list. Now, lets count down the five best character reveals for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

5. Incineroar

While many fans felt a bit deflated from the final character reveals in the latest direct, director Masahiro Sakurai managed to keep the quality of reveals up high with Incineroar. The intensity given off when Ken and Incineroar clash in the ring set a good starting tone for the rest of the Direct. Plus, ending the reveal with Incineroar looking annoyingly towards the line of challengers behind him added that bit of comedic relief that is expected from Super Smash Bros.

4. Ridley

Ridley’s reveal at the end of Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct was arguably the highlight of the entire event to say the least. Fans of the Metroid villain have asked for his inclusion in the Super Smash Bros. series for ages. Well, those fans finally got what they wanted with Ridley showing off his power by seemingly killing of both Mario and Mega Man. Not only was his reveal able to show off his menacing nature, but it was also the first hint that anyone could appear as a new fighter in the game. Surely enough, this idea would carry on to every character reveal onward.

3. Simon Belmont

Castlevania fans everywhere saw their wildest dreams come true during the August Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, with a gorgeous trailer revealing Simon Belmont as a fighter. The reveal perfectly blended the IPs of both Luigi’s Mansion and Castlevania along with showing of both Simon’s moves and the Dracula’s Castle stage. Simon’s reveal is the perfect example of how to start off any king of video game presentation.

2. Isabelle

Perhaps the most teasing of all the character reveals for Super Smash Bros. UltimateNintendo decided to both reward us and punish us with an anticipation-building trailer at the end of their September Direct. Most fans who watched the reveal were both confused and excited as to whether or not this was a tease for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or a new Animal Crossing game. Turns out it was both. Though it may have put us through agony, you have to admit that the length of Isabelle’s reveal trailer was an important factor to how excited players became.

1. King K. Rool

While Simon’s reveal was the perfect start to the August Direct, King K. Rool’s reveal was the perfect ending. Fans surely didn’t expect the long-time dormant Donkey Kong villain to make any appearance in a modern title, let alone in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, fans everywhere were excited to see the Kremling King return in wonderful fashion. In a manner only Sakurai could pull off, the reveal seemingly tricks fans by having King Dedede appear disguised as King K. Rool. Suddenly, the real K. Rool appears and knocks out the imposter. The reveal then goes on to display King K. Rool’s unique move set and amazing remix of Gangplank Galleon from the Donkey Kong Country series. Needless to say, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hype was at an all-time high after this.

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