Top 5 Most Viewed Editorials of November

November was chalk full of editorials ranging from thoughts over the Razer phone all the way to Skyrim being on the Nintendo Switch. Each article had a great focus to draw in the reader but only the following really pulled in the most. Below you can check out the top five editorials of November in case you missed them. Enjoy!

5. Concerns With Third-Party Switch Support



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Matt Glanville goes into detail on why he thinks third-party games for the Nintendo Switch may be of concern down the road. He tells us that over a majority of third-party games, specifically Skyrim, are older games that most people are only playing due to the port. Later, he discusses how Bethesda is the biggest third-party supporter for the Switch which raises other issues. Don’t forget to read all of what Matt has to say on the subject.

4. A Player’s Perspective to League’s Preseason


HKSeiker gives us the inside scoop of the League of Legends’ preseason and just what players can expect going into it. New runes and blue essence mechanics have been added to spice up gameplay. Seiker’s gives praise to Riot Games for their consideration in the fans. One suggestion he gives is reducing the amount of grinding required for in-game content. Be sure to check out his entire article.

3. The Recent Rise of Researching Games

Haseeb Abid takes us back to the good old days to when video games were not required to be researched. He starts off with telling us that when he was a kid you would be able to pick up any game, take it home and play it as much as you wanted. The rise of downloadable content is discussed which inevitably brings microtransactions. Haseeb’s expresses his criticism along side other’s thoughts on the subject. Be sure to check out his full article.

2. Death of a Genre


Haseeb is at it again with the death of a genre. An indie studio known as Housemarque has made a bold statement saying the arcade game genre is gone. This indie studio is well known for their arcade style games such as Matterfall  and Nex Machina which have received critical acclaim, but the studio did not make the sales they wanted. Haseeb unpacks this studio’s thoughts and dives into his own on whether or not a genre has passed. Make sure to read all of what he thinks in his article.

1. Sony’s New Policy for Trophies is a Positive Step

Matt returns giving us a break down of what PlayStation trophies will be used for in the future. Trophies are now worth a certain amount of points which can be redeemed for content. Matt states, “that this is most definitely a strong step in the right direction for the company.” He later states this movement is good, but does not support those who trophy hunt or play games for 100% completion. He goes breaks it all down in full detail in his article so be sure to check it out.

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