Everyone’s favourite Hedgehog hasn’t slowed down at all in his IDW comic book series.

The blue speedster is investigating a curious conspiracy in which Doctor Eggman’s evil empire has been taken over by someone who has not only stolen his identity but may be more of a threat to Sonic than Eggman ever was.

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In Issue #7, Sonic uncovers the true identity of the imposter and the reveal stuns not only Sonic but this faithful readers as well.

The “unmasking” itself is very, very cool. The ever-confident Sonic is even a bit taken aback by the revelation and is not sure what to make of the adversary who explains in great deal how they came to be and what they intend to do as Doctor Eggman’s spiritual successor.

Proclaiming he will “whoop their butt” before they can conquer anything at all, Sonic engages the Faux Eggman in battle. As always, the art by Adam Bryce Thomas is colourful, dynamic and so much fun as it perfectly captures Sonic’s free spirited attitude and frenzied super speed.

Naturally, things do not exactly go to Sonic’s plan so that his latest adventure can continue in the next issue as he heads back to Resistance HQ to lick his wounds and plan his next move with his buddies Amy, Knuckles and Tails.

Ian Flynn’s run on Sonic the Hedgehog continues to captivate not only young minds who are new to the world of Sonic but those who grew up with the familiar blue hedgehog as well. Flynn’s story combines with Thomas’ art to do Sonic and his video game legacy proud.

Lively art by Adam Bryce Thomas.
A cool reveal.
Surprisingly gripping story by Ian Flynn.
There is never enough action in a Sonic book.

Review Summary

A fun, exciting read for kids and adults alike.

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