If you’re looking forward to the latest Mario Kart game, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Nintendo has pushed back Mario Kart Tour from March to Summer. This information comes from Nintendo’s most recent financial highlights report. In this report, they detailed their last nine months’ earnings, and outlined their schedule […]

Just today, Blizzard announced that a new romantic map will be coming to Overwatch very soon. Simply called Paris, the assault map is available in Blizzard’ Public Test Region program right now. You can explore the various cafés, statues, and other French-styles architecture, honeymoon-style. There’s no battling yet, but Blizzard […]

Razer is known for their sleek, black, and well-performing products. The Razer Blade Stealth 13 is a thin black laptop that can play games in 4K. It’s great laptop but many people must have asked, “what if it was pink?” Well Razer has its new Quartz products lined up and […]

Even though it’s often compared to Zelda, Darksiders is a series that hasn’t been on a Nintendo platform in a little while. Darksiders II and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition came to the Wii U a few years back. However, developer Vigil Games hasn’t brought their popular hack-and-slash puzzler to Nintendo Switch […]


If you follow Nintendo’s indie scene closely, you ought to be familiar with Damon Baker. In the past few years, he’s risen to the top of Nintendo’s independent developer relations, working with small-time developers and appearing on multiple “Nindies” presentations. But after 12 years with Nintendo, Damon has left for […]

Video game adaptions are fairly common. Video game movies tend to be sub-par, while televised series are rather hit or miss. However, there’s more styles of video game adaptions than just games being adapted themselves. Often video games are themselves an adaption. Be it a book, comic, or movie, video […]

So, today unfortunately there is a shortage of the collection bundle of Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far. It’s a collection of 9 games, which are essentially the two discs already released on PS4. While we learn to live with it, people have legitimately bought massive amounts of copies just […]