Power Up In this weeks Episode, Taylor is still out of town at CES. But, Andrew and Anthony are joined by David and Aidan as they discuss Japan’s Modding situation, as well as Bungie Splitting from Activision.


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First Up, David discusses just what it means to be a gamer in Japan now and why Japan has decided to impose heavy penalties on the modding community. Is this just relating to E-Sports or do these new laws apply to the entire Videogame Industry?

Next up, Andrew discusses the recent split between Activision and Bungee and how this may affect the parent company. Does Activision have enough IP to support them long term? We can only watch and see.

Aiden also discusses the Epic store being the only pc storefront to sell the Division 2. Is Steam slowly on the way out? Are they charging developers too much?

And lastly, Anthony discusses Amazon’s recent plans to develop a streaming platform similar to Google and Microsofts. They are looking at launching this new platform in 2020 and are currently in talks with Developers and publishers with regard to what content they would like to see on their new service.


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