The movie industry has been turning to video games for inspiration for a while now. However, when they attempt to bring video games to life, they normally fall short. In an effort to please fans, they in most cases cause outrage and even downright hate. The changes from video game to big screen can be a tough call; one tiny thing changed and you are destined for “Rotten” branding. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu proved that not all game to film adaptations are flops, so are we in an upswing? Here are some of the games turning into movies coming out that might not be so bad.


Source: Official Minecraft Website

Minecraft the Movie has been talked about for some time. It is one of the most successful video games in history with a fan base large enough to support it. Action Figures and even a deal with Lego backs Minecraft with tons of moolah to fund a film adaptation.

Warner Bros owns the rights to the film and have been doing quite the dance with the property for a while. Switching up directors and writers in a furious bout to make a supreme video game film adaptation, they have their hands full.

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Rumors began to fly that Steve Carell was attached to play Minecraft Steve. Then reports entered in that he was indeed in talks, but had to leave the project for scheduling. Shawn Levy, director of the Night at the Museum series was then attached, only to leave due to scheduling. However Rob McElhenney, star and creator of the hit FX Show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, took on the role as director of the film but too dropped from the project.

As the Minecraft movies stands now, Peter Sollett has written a script and is set to direct. The film is said to follow a teenage girl (most likely Alex) and a group of Adventurers as they face off against the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft the Movie is set to release March 4, 2022.

Super Mario Bros.

Source: Official Mario-Nintendo Website

Before you run in terror and hide from this article, no I do not mean the 1993 garbage can smelling Mario movie. We have come a long way in the form of video game to film adaptations and 1993’s Super Mario Bros should be the staple watch to know what not to do. Thankfully, the holders of the movie rights are in the decent hands over at Universal Pictures. Illumination, best know for the Despicable Me series and Minions, will be handling production of the film.

We can expect this to be an animated Mario film, so that alone is a huge step in the right direction on this project. As for other information and details, everything is pretty heavily under wraps at this point. The teams at Nintendo and Illumination are hard at work to make sure what they bring you is going to be top notch in quality. There is so much to answer for since the 1993 film, and we need some retribution.

Currently the release date is TBA.


Source: Official Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Website

Recently I wrote about this film in another article which you can check out here.

Starting its life span in 2008, the Uncharted film adaptation recently got some love and gave fans a little tidbit of what was to come. Tom Holland, fresh off Spider-Man: Far From Home, will be playing a young Nathan Drake. Sony is bringing this project to life with Dan Trachtenberg at the director’s chair. Dan Trachtenberg is no stranger to tense scenes like those featured in the action-packed gameplay of Uncharted. He just recently directed 10 Cloverfield Lane back in 2016, which was a tense and stressful film at times.

The film currently has a short list for Sully casting, with Tom Holland eyeing Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame to play Nathan Drake’s mentor.

Uncharted the movie is set to release December 18, 2020.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Source: IMDB Page for Sonic The Hedgehog

Okay, okay, I know what you are going to think here. This guy is insane for thinking that the Sonic The Hedgehog film adaptation is going to be good. You would be right about that; the movie being good part, that is. Sonic is a bit of a meme these days and is not honestly that serious of a mainstream game franchise as it was in the past. The casting for the film seems a tad bit off, but just know at one point Chris Pratt was set to take the human role of Tom.

James Marsden, who plays Tom in the film, has a history of driving around CGI talking animals and seems to me like a okay fit for the role. He has a diverse range of acting which can be anything from action hero to comedic goof. He knows how to be goofy for a kid’s movie. Do not forget that Sonic is indeed made for kids.

Jim Carrey is arguably the best thing about the film. His casting is listed as “Doctor Eggman”, which fits the real world setting more than Robotnik. The small scene at the end of the recent trailer shows Carrey in full on Eggman appearance and it was marvelous!

Sonic himself is playing by Ben Schwartz, best known from Parks and Recreation, who is very witty and pretty funny in a laid back way. His casting seems like a perfect fit in all honestly.

The New Guy

Making his theatrical directorial debut is Jeff Fowler who has been very supportive about the reworking of Sonic’s film appearance. It may be his first feature length film, but he is already making the right changes and listening to what fans want.

I will be eating crow if this film turns out to be a gigantic flop and pile of garbage when it comes out next year. Until then, I fully support the film and steps taken by Jeff Fowler to ensure you get the Sonic you want.

Sonic The Hedgehog has been pushed back to February 14, 2020, to make Sonic not look so horrific.

Be sure to keep up to date with Sonic The Hedgehog movie updates to see a first look at the new Sonic here.

Film Adaptations I Can’t See Being Good

As well as a list of what might be good, I also had to list a few mentions for possibly bad upcoming film adaptations. These film adaptations are going to be big releases, however, I think they are gonna stink.

Monster Hunter

Source: Capcom’s Official Monster Hunter website

Paul W.S. Anderson has a special place in my heart, but only when it comes to the first Mortal Kombat film. The string of adaptations after that in which Anderson has come out with has been…less than ideal. He is the brains behind the huge Resident Evil movie franchise in which he destroyed my favorite game series. He took an amazing setting and living world full of lore, and just cast his wife in a horror-action franchise.

The same can be said for the upcoming Monster Hunter film adaptation in which Anderson and wife Milla Jovovich are at it again. Jovovich will star as a character from our world, suddenly thrust into the Monster Hunter world. I just see it as Alice crossing over game franchises to be once again over-powered and lame.

Metal Gear Solid

Source: Konami

Yeah, the Metal Gear Solid film adaptation is still a thing and still in the works. Sony is holding the rights of this one pretty tightly. Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is dead set on this film and has deemed it a passion project. He even has the approval of Hideo Kojima.

However when it comes to Metal Gear, it will be very difficult to pull off in a live action setting what is in the game. You simply cannot do what Kojima did in game and not have it look silly on the silver screen. People will leave the theaters more confused than entertained for sure.

The Division

Source: The Division 2 official Website

Announced at E3 during the Ubisoft presentation, The Division is getting an adaptation. The film will star Jessica Chastain, who will star in the upcoming It: Chapter Two as adult Beverly. The Division film adaptation will also star the heavy hitter Jake Gyllenhaal, fresh off Spider-Man: Far From Home as Mysterio.

The catch is that it is going straight to Netflix which have an extremely shady reputation with film adaptations of popular media. Dare I bring up Netflix’s Death Note?


There are more than what is listed above, I weeded out some that are still in Development Hell. Hopefully you can agree with some my choices, and if not head over the comment section or hit me up on Twitter @Sleepless_TC.

Hopefully, we can see a future full of well-made video game to film adaptations!

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