Even though it’s often compared to Zelda, Darksiders is a series that hasn’t been on a Nintendo platform in a little while. Darksiders II and Darksiders: Warmastered Edition came to the Wii U a few years back. However, developer Vigil Games hasn’t brought their popular hack-and-slash puzzler to Nintendo Switch just yet. But that’s most likely changing.


A tweet from the official Darksiders Twitter lead us to believe that a Darksiders Switch port was coming. When a Twitter user asked them if Darksiders would come to the console, the Darksiders account simply responded: “Perhaps”. Now, publisher THQ Nordic has all but confirmed that a Switch port is in the works.

Just today, THQ Nordic uploaded a trailer showcasing Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and a Nintendo Switch logo briefly. It was taken down in favor of this nice little GIF:


While some might read this as a slip-up on THQ’s part, it seems more like an intentional move to stir up hype around the remaster port. Either way, we’re still looking forward it! Thankfully, even though the trailer was taken down, you can still view it through a video that Vooks uploaded.

Darksiders: Warmastered originally released for consoles back in 2016 as a graphically updated version of 2010’s Darksiders. Surprisingly, it even came to the Wii U in June of 2017, well after the Switch had already been released. It was a strange time to release the game on Nintendo’s poor, underperforming Wii U. However, THQ is seeking to make amends by putting it on Switch.

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