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All eyes are on Microsoft to deliver a truly epic E3 showcase this year on June 9th. With Sony backing out, they have the biggest opportunity to really impress at this years E3. The following are some predictions for what Microsoft will show at the Xbox E3 2019 conference.

Next Generation Console(s)

There is a lot of talk that Microsoft will show off their next instalment in the Xbox line codenamed “Scarlet.” There is also talk of potentially multiple models. One potentially disc-less and a more powerful beefier one.

In all honesty, I will be surprised if they go super into unveiling Scarlet though. Next-gen consoles are not expected to release until 2020 so unless they plan on releasing it in March, there’s not much incentive to show everything on it. I could easily see a name reveal (and it’s Microsoft so it will probably have another horrible name) and maybe about 10 minutes spent on describing how this is a step up from the current generation.

What will it include? Probably 4K based graphics and we will see the response to Sony’s PS5 faster-loading speeds.

X-Cloud Streaming

Ever since Google announced Stadia, Microsoft has shown they are very confident in the streaming service that they’ve been developing. We have already seen a host on ‘This Week in Xbox’ playing Forza Horizon 4 on a phone, and I expect a lot more of this to be seen at E3 2019.

This is Microsoft’s chance to sell a streaming future to anyone who has questions or reservations about it. We know Phil Spencer is constantly playing console-quality games on his phone while he travels, so expect to see a rollout date for this service.

With Microsoft and Sony teaming up with a focus on improving streaming, we might even potentially see an appearance of a Sony representative, but not likely. The deal was just announced, but we could see plans on the partnership.

Xbox Gold and Game Pass Coming to Other Platforms Including Nintendo Switch

This is going to be one of the biggest announcements for Microsoft if it happens. We have heard rumours of Xbox Live and Game Pass making their way to PC, mobile, and Switch and E3 is the perfect time to get the room buzzing with that announcement.

This announcement will also probably include more games being ported to the Nintendo Switch like Hellblade and Cuphead.

Gears 5 and other Gears of War games

Now let’s get to the games. Expect to see a good chunk of gameplay for Gears 5 as well as a release date for late summer/early fall.

Last year’s Xbox E3 conference also announced a strategy PC Gears game we should see more of as well as a mobile-only Funko Pop! figure game. I wouldn’t expect too much for these besides short gameplay trailers and release dates.

Halo Infinite and Master Chief Collection Updates

It is my personal belief that we are not getting Halo Infinite until fall 2020. With that being said, don’t expect much, if any gameplay to be shown. I think we may see a story trailer and get a good explanation on how this game changes the franchise going forward.

I think more time will be spent on detailing the Master Chief Collection updates including when it is coming to PC and when Halo Reach is expected to come to the collection.

[email protected] Games

Every E3 we get a trailer showing tons of indie developer games in the [email protected] program and this year should be no different.


Battletoads was announced with a teaser trailer at last E3. Expect a gameplay reveal and a release date most likely around August.

Cuphead DLC

Ever since the Cuphead DLC was announced at last year’s Xbox E3 conference, we have not seen a single thing on it. My biggest hope here is we get another trailer, and it is announced that it is available right now.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Expect to see a release date for the Ori sequel and a musical trailer that will get you teary-eyed.

Xbox Game Studios Games and Updates

Microsoft has acquired quite a few studios in the last couple of years, and we have already heard some of them are going to be showing their next projects.

Obsidian’s Outer Worlds isn’t an Xbox exclusive, but expect to see gameplay and release date.

Playground Games may announce the new RPG they are working on that is rumoured to be Fable 4.

Compulsion Games I would not expect to see much from. Possibly a quick teaser trailer. I doubt we see any We Happy Few updates.

InXile will likely show Wasteland 3 gameplay and release date.

Ninja Theory may also announce their next game following Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Mojang will probably talk about the next Minecraft updates, and I would bet we see something on the newly announced Minecraft Earth AR game.

Rare may set out a roadmap for the coming year in Sea of Thieves.

Turn 10 will possibly announce the next Forza Motorsport game.

The Initiative will no doubt show off the first game for the new “AAAA” studio, and I expect it to be a new IP.

Undead Labs possibly may announce new updates and DLC for State of Decay 2.

Backwards Compatibility Additions

Expect to see more backwards compatible games announced, likely original Xbox games.

Third Party Games

With no Sony at E3 this year, expect to see more trailers for third party games than usual. Games that possibly could be shown here include:

Rocksteady’s next game

WB Montreal’s Batman game

Cyberpunk 2077

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Ken Levine’s next game

The leaked Harry Potter RPG

Watch_Dogs 3 or another Ubisoft title

DOOM Eternal or another Bethesda title

Avengers or Final Fantasy VII

Session, the skateboarding game announced at last year’s E3

Control, the new Remedy Entertainment game coming in August

Dying Light 2

Borderlands 3

A new Capcom game or remake

And a new project announcement from Bungie, or the next plans for Destiny 2

Obviously, not all of those will be shown at E3, but with no Sony to take some of those games, expect to see a lot of third party trailers. To make room, I would likely expect games that will be shown at the other conferences won’t be shown here, but there’s still a good chance they are.


Those are my predictions for what Microsoft could bring to the Xbox E3 2019 Conference. It could end up being a jam-packed show. is there anything I missd? What do you think will be shown off at the show? Let me know in the comments or @REVXSHADOWS on Twitter.

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