As we bunker down for what could be a long time thanks to Covid-19. A lot of our favourite content creators are slowing down or stopping development on our favourite podcasts. Meaning that our usual menu of content has been frozen until further notice. This isn’t the case for every creator, but in a lot of cases, this is the sad truth.

So instead of wallowing in self pity and staring at a clock until this all blows over. It’s time to branch out. There is a multitude of fun, interesting and most importantly, fresh content out there. What would you give to have fifty plus episodes of your favourite show to plunder right now. Well, if you find a hidden gem then you might just have a new show in your roster.

So we thought it would be great to share our pick of the best gaming podcasts you’ve never heard of. By the way, we will be putting in some shameless self endorsement in there so we will get it out of the way early. Just so we’re clear. Here we go.

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The Power Up Podcast

That’s right, it’s the Power Up Podcast starring our very own Anthony Dennis and Taylor Evans. If you like to keep up to date on all things gaming. Plus have a thing for Aussie accents. Then this one is right up your alley.

With over one hundred episodes recorded. It means there is a cavalcade of content to sink your teeth into. Why not start right from the beginning. Or if you want a fresher take on the gaming landscape then check out the most recent episode right here.

The Triple Jump Podcast

A personal favourite. Starring Ben Potter and Peter Austin, both formerly of Whatculture. This show features a number of fun and interesting views on the gaming landscape. With weird news, poignant fan questions and hot takes on upcoming and recently released titles.

This also comes bundled in with a unique brand of humour and silliness that the duo have crafted over many years of working together. Their chemistry is clear to see and elevates the content to tremendous heights. It’s well worth a listen. Check it out here. Also, although not gaming related, if you like this one be sure to check out their other podcast which is associated with the YogscastThe show is called Podiots.

New Game Plus

If retro gaming is more your bag, then this podcast is exactly what you need. Starring trio Dustin, Kenny and Nolan. These three guys spend a week playing a retro video game. Then they come together to talk through how it holds up in the light of modern day gaming.

They will discuss how enjoyable it was. How it has aged over the years. Give some background about the games lesser known areas. Then ultimately come to a verdict. This being whether the game deserves to be given the title of New Game Plus. Which is essentially their own seal of approval. Have a look through their catalogue. There is bound to be a game they cover that you love. We also recommend their elements episodes.

Retro Release

More self promotion? You better believe it. Starring our own writer Will Nelson and his pal Michael Turnbull. This show takes a look at the process of development for some of the most interesting games ever produced. They dive deep to uncover the more interesting facts about these titles that you may never have known.

They have also recently began doing a shorter show around gaming news. So if you want to get your fix of gossip while your visiting their channel then you can. Give these guys a try. You won’t regret it.

Panic Mode

Moving on from analysing individual games development process and onto the profession itself. Starring Aiden Herron and Shelby Carleton. This show looks into some of the most interesting and thought provoking aspects of development.

Have you ever been interested in how games condition players? How about the art of team communication in online games. Or perhaps you’d be interested in the history of the first person shooter. This is all covered alongside more fantastic topics. Pop on over there and give those guys a listen.

The Minnmax Show

You might have heard of a little website called Game Informer. Well, here is an up and coming show starring former their former employees. They’ve up sticks to create their own gaming content and they are doing a stellar job of it.

This show can range from gaming news and gossip to interviews with industry experts. Or they may take a topic and run with it for the whole show. Either way, it’s a great listen and well worth your time. Check it out!

The Platinum Grade Podcast

OK guys, it would be a bit silly to do a whole article on podcasts and not throw my own into the ring. The podcast centres around platinum trophy collecting. I’ll take a well known game and review the title based on their trophy lists. Factors that affect the review include grind, enjoyment and difficulty.

Admittedly, my podcast has took a long hiatus. The reason being that platinuming games is a long and gruelling process. Then to review and produce. It’s a slog. But the reason I include this in our list is to gauge interest. If you want more. Please get in contact and let me know. Otherwise, feel free to check out the existing content.

  1. So that’s our list of the best gaming podcasts you’ve never heard of. Are their any pods that you want to suggest? Which of these podcasts are you going to start listening to? Let us know in the comments. Also if you like this content, then check out some other examples. How about a UX review of Final Fantasy VII. Or perhaps you’d prefer our list of most wholesome gaming communities. I’m callum and thank you for reading COG!

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