The day has finally come, ladies and gentlemen. No longer must we complain that Nintendo is not saving the progress of our games to the cloud. That’s right. If your Nintendo Switch is broken or stolen, your game saves are safe. Unfortunately, along with this news comes the harsh reality that things are not that simple. Details have surfaced about the “fine print” about your lost save data, and not everyone is happy.

Switch Is Gonna Make You Pay

People are complaining about something that they experienced with Sony and Microsoft. The online service that customers formerly received for free, now is a charged subscription service. The Nintendo Switch Online service will charge you $19.99 a year for an individual account and $34.99 a year for a family account. As stated before, customers are used to this by now, seeing as Sony and Microsoft have both done this as well.

There are some bright sides to this that one should be aware of, however. First of all, it has been stated that Fortnite players will be able to keep their accounts without switching over to this new service. Many players would find it inexcusable to have to pay for this new service on top of their Fortnite account.

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Another bright spot includes that there is a seven day trial for this Switch Online service. It’s not much, but at least players can get a taste of the service before they buy it. I t could help if finding out if this is really for them.

Your Saves Could Disappear Forever

The thing that has most people up in arms at the moment includes the fact that game saves disappear once the subscription ends. This means that if your system gets lost or stolen and you don’t renew your Nintendo Switch Online subscription, the data disappears forever! All of your hard work that you put into that Breath of the Wild save file of yours is gone for good, once you forget to renew your subscription and you left your Switch in your backpack that has gone missing. You can’t argue or reason with it. It is just gone, the exact minute that your subscription ends.

One may argue that this is not such a huge deal. After all, how likely does forgetting about your account once your system gets stolen seem? Maybe not so likely. Though, there may exist many examples where one might forget. What if your Switch included one of many things that were stolen from a house that got broken into? This could, perhaps, lead to inconvenience on top of tragedy.

Possible Solution

Perhaps it could have benefited Nintendo to give a little room for error. Maybe a solution could include a ‘grace period’. Your saves would not get deleted the exact millisecond that your subscription ends. It may be likely that Nintendo will send the account email a reminder, but we don’t know yet. And it may not be enough as one may not read a random email if they get a lot of emails from random businesses. My only point is that there are certain ways that Nintendo could meet their customers half way.

Whether or not the Nintendo Switch Online service still seems worth is up to each individual who decides to take a look at it. The online subscription service doesn’t seem perfect, but there are many NES games to play among other features as well. In the end, the decision is yours.

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