Super Smash Bros Ultimate

A new update is coming to Nintendo’s mega-hit fighter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, although we can’t nail down exactly what this new version will bring with it. If you go to check your copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate right now, you’ll find a notification similar to the one below:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Source: Eventhubs

Version 2.0.0 is on the way! So what’s new? We have no idea! The details contained in this minimal notification are pretty skimpy: no release date, no patch notes, no nothing. Why is Nintendo being so shy about this seemingly important update? Well, we have a guess.

Possible Implications

More than likely, this is the going to be the update that contains the anticipated Piranha Plant fighter. (You’re guaranteed Piranha Plant for free if you purchased Smash Bros within the first few months of its release. So why don’t they come right on out and say that? We’re betting that Nintendo has a bunch of announcements up their sleeves, and they want to hold off on the specifics until they release them at all once. Will it be a Nintendo Direct? Perhaps not, but maybe something smaller-scale, like the quick Metroid Prime 4 delay video earlier today.

Obviously, this is all going off a hunch, but Nintendo has held off their Directs and announcements until the last minute before. Last January, they trolled their entire community with goofy images of a fiery Chibi Robo on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account, before finally unveiling a new Direct mere days before it went live. Like Chibi Robo, this publicity stunt set ResetEra, NeoGaf, and Reddit on fire.

Whether or not this update turns out to be a massive deal, be sure to convert all your important replays to MP4, since any that aren’t converted will be deleted immediately after this update goes live. Yeah, it’s a weird caveat, but what can you do?

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