Starena is a boss rush style game developed by Darksun Studio and Published by Gamera Game. This is one for all the Furi fans out there. It’s also 10% off on Steam, because it launched today! You’ll find it here.

Starena has RPG elements

Although what set’s this boss rush game from titles like Furi is the inclusion of RPG elements. The voxel box style boasts a unique gameplay feature, parts will fall off the bosses you fight and you can use them to customise your fighter:

“Pick fallen components and use them to customize your weapons and skin to gain new powers. In later stages, you can even customize the voxel boxes to craft a unique weapon that is truly yours!”

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On top of that the enemies have dynamic physics as part of their design, meaning pieces you shoot can fall off and be used to change the tide of battle. You can even build weapons completely from scratch.

In-game Dynamic Goals

This is how Darksun Studios describe the audience interaction in Starena. That’s because you’re essentially a gladiator in space. The audience will want you to complete certain tasks, and if you do they’ll give you different rewards. You can even choose who you want to accompany you to help in different ways:

“You can also personalize your entourage by choosing your best fans who will accompany you to the arena. Each can help you in different ways; you can position them in different places among the crowd so you always know where to turn for help!”


A Boss Rush With Style

Starena boasts a voxel art style, one that allows for you to even make your own weapons. Like most other boss rush games you’ll need to be fast, cunning, and aware of what you’ve got at your disposal to turn the tide of battle.

The game’s 10% off until May 28th, so check it out whilst you can.

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