Shadow Arena

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Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss‘s Battle Royale is now available on Steam Early Access. The Early Access edition comes after several global Beta tests. It is currently free-to-play and will remain that way for future releases.

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Shadow Arena pits 40 players against one another until there is a single hero left: the champion. Heroes in the game are characters from the Black Desert universe. Players will be able to use weapons and spells to fight opponents. The arena also features a dragon and ancient guardians.

Pearl Abyss has said that by releasing the game on Early Access, they can take feedback from players and improve the game before its full release. When the full game eventually launches, Pearl Abyss will be adding more maps and game modes, as well as launching their first season. The full game is expected to launch later this year.

Currently, Shadow Arena has ten playable heroes and six different game modes. Among the ten heroes is the new edition Venslar. Heroes also now have purchasable skins, and in-game emotes. Heroes also have “Ultimate Skill” levels, where one skill is stronger than the others. Steam currently has the Complete 10 Heroes Package DLC listed for $71.99 (20% off its usual price).

Shadow Arena‘s game modes include “Solo, Team, Dueling Grounds, Custom, Normal, and AI” modes. Along with these modes, players can also expect to see a Beta Season of ranked modes. Shadow Arena‘s Beta Season will include player tiers based on rankings from matches. At the end of the season, players will receive rewards.

Early Access includes other features, as well. Players will have access to daily quests and challenges to help them level up.

To see what else is new in the Shadow Arena shop, click here. Pearl Abyss has broken down the cost of in-game content from Heroes to Hero Skins.

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