In the wake of what will go down as one of the most impressive years for first party exclusive support, Nintendo still has more to give. E3 is less than a month away, and with it will come a wave of new announcements that will shake the industry until next year. We already know that games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 are on the horizon. What else could Nintendo have up their sleeve?

New Info On What We Know

Since we already have over a half dozen games releasing this year, chances are a lot of the information revealed will be more on them. From release dates to trailers, maybe even some gameplay.

Animal Crossing

For the newest entry in the Animal Crossing family, we’re bound to get a lot of information. It’s easily Nintendo’s second largest release of the year, just behind Pokemon. At E3 they’re going to reveal the release date. It’s coming early this fall, probably as a September release. On top of that, we’ll also be given the full title and some gameplay.

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Animal Crossing

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will also make an appearance, although it won’t be as large. Nintendo is going to gift us with a short trailer and an October release date. Otherwise, the game won’t be making much of a splash. These are the two big games that we’ll being seeing more about.

Luigi's Mansion

Other Existing Game Predictions

  • Astral Chain trailer
  • Daemon x Machina release date and trailer
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses trailer
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield won’t appear
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 character reveal trailer
  • Nothing on Link’s Awakening remake
  • Short trailer for Super Mario Maker 2

Fire Emblem

Wild Guesses

Of course, information on games we know about can’t be the entire show. We’ll be getting at least two new games announced. I’ve come up with the five most probable or hopeful reveals that Nintendo might have up their sleeve.

Metroid Prime Trilogy

Due to the delay of Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo is going to finally announce the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Fans have been very eager for Metroid on the Switch. Doing the trilogy for it would be cheap, bring in new fans and please existing fans. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

New 3D Mario

After the incredible success of Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo would be insane not to follow it up. The new game could be a 2020 release, putting it three years after Odyssey. Plenty of time between the titles.

New 3D Zelda

For pretty much the same reasons as Mario. We know that Nintendo wants to release a Zelda title every year, with two this year. A spin off and remake being followed up by a true sequel is the ideal scenario. It could also have a 2020 release slot, but will fall later in the year.

Star Fox

I guess this with every direct. With the quality that’s come out of Starlink, Nintendo would be smart to jump on that ship. Even if they allow Ubisoft a hand in the development in the game. If a Starfox game was released with the craftsmanship of Starlink, it would be the greatest game in the franchise. Plus it would simultaneously reinvent the series in an appealing way for new fans.

Resurrected IP

An IP that we’ve yet to see on the Switch or any console recently is also bound to be shown. Be it Golden Sun or F-Zero. Nintendo needs to expand on the diversity of the Switch’s line up. Bringing in IPs that aren’t anything like their Zeldas or Marios is the way to do it.


Stealth Drops

There will be two items that release during Nintendo’s presentations. The first is Cadence of Hyrule, the spectacular indie spin off of The Legend of Zelda. It has a release window that’s about to expire next month, and it really is the perfect game to drop in such a way and E3 is the perfect place for it.


The second is the newest Smash Bros character pack. If the leaks are true, it will be Erdrick from Dragon Quest. Whatever character it is will no doubt create quite the buzz and good press. Smash fans do not rest and they’re quite the impatient bunch. Despite the recent release of Joker and Piranha Plant, Nintendo won’t want to keep them waiting.

Smash Bros

What do you think Nintendo has planned for E3?

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