When E3 rolls around, we usually have that one or two publishers we usually side with. While many would side with the Big Three, or one of the other big publisher, it can feel like Ubisoft will always be a safe bet to have high-quality games. For the last couple of years, many would say Ubisoft continue to have one of the best E3 conferences out there and this year is shaping up to be to no exception. As such let’s do a quick overview of what we can expect out of Camp Ubisoft with five anticipated titles.

Assassin’s Creed, but with Vikings?

Remember a few years back when pirates were all the rage in the gaming industry? Well, it seems like we are moving towards the Vikings with games like God of War changing from Greek to Norse Mythology, the invaders in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and some top titles too like Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, The Banner Saga, and Skyrim. Ubisoft has even dived into this theme too with For Honor where you can fight as Vikings against knights and Samurai.

The rumor mill has been cranking out a lot of fun and interesting things, but one that has been running wild is how the next Assassin’s Creed will be about Vikings. It started a while back ago when fans discovered a fun Easter Egg in The Division 2 of a Viking with what looked to be the Apple of Eden (found by Youtuber JorRaptor). Between that and the previous code name of “Kingdom” and it does seem like we will be throwing it down in Valhalla (or maysomewhere around Scandinavia around the 11th century).

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Not the only issue some would have with this is how Ubisoft did confirm the next Assassin’s Creed game will be skipping this year for a 2020 release. It will be a shame but will be understandable if the rest of Odyssey’s Season Pass hasn’t exactly hit the game quite yet. Still, Vikings do seem to be the next step after Egyptians and Greeks. Now if only we can do a Creed game in Japan… Wishful thinking…

Speaking of pirates…

When do we set sail?

If there was one defining trait of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, it was not only how big it was, but also for utilizing the ship and fights out on the seas. It can be fun and intense to sail out and get into cannon fights with enemies alongside with other pirate activities. Now was the game the definitive pirate game? No… But in fairness, it is Assassin’s Creed, so what did you expect? As mentioned previously, many players wanted to have that pirate game to call their own and some of the ones we got either ranged from okay to “Why?”

Well it did seem like Ubisoft had those plans and we got a little game called “Skull & Bones.” While you won’t be crossing swords with anyone here, the focus is purely on ship combat. At E3 2018, many players thought after the game’s demonstration, we were going to see a release for later last year, but it revealed to come out in 2019 instead. There has been little word on the game since last year’s E3, including the beta. Still, it does seem that our wait with Skull and Bones will be over soon (or at least for a release date). Hopefully we will be hitting the seas soon and we could have our definitive pirate game.

An American Hacker in London?

Speaking of having upcoming game teases in your current games, let’s take Watch_Dogs 2. While the series had a rocky start in Chicago, it truly started to bloom in San Francisco. It can be crazy to think of just how much you can do with your cell phone and the ability to hack into everything around you and the sequel wasn’t as dead series as the first. So after Chicago and San Francisco, where could we possibly go next? Well according to this rumor, we are going to London.

During the ending of Watch_Dogs 2’s we listen into a conversation of two talking of the impact Dedsec made and how cells are popping up all over the world. Now, this is fascinating for two reasons. The first is how this conversation was a part of a new cutscene at the end of the game in Patch 1.11 (about three months after the initial launch). The second is how when you look up the coordinates of the conversation, you get the Brixton Area of London.

Previously, some thought this could have been a DLC episode of sorts for WD2, but we know that never did happen. However, the more fun idea to consider is how this really is “Deadsec gone global” and we could be running around hacking people in London. Will be fun to see if this happens or not, but a new Watch_Dogs game is certainly possible.

Tom Clancy Power Hour coming up?

Oh, Please Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Can we acknowledge the fact that there are currently three Tom Clancy games going on at one time and how they are still getting updates? It is safe to say that we could see some stuff on The Division 2 since we are being teased with things like 8-man raids, three new episodes, and three new specializations, including that tasty minigun. Meanwhile, they could use this time to give us something on Ghost Recon: Wildlands for the next upcoming content while teasing us with the next update and new operators coming to Rainbow Six: Siege too.

You don’t just use Sam Fisher in a cameo and leave it there Ubisoft!

That’s all fine and good, but there’s one more game that has been spinning in the rumors for quite some time since we have not seen this series since 2013. Can you believe the original Splinter Cell came out back in 2002? Hard to imagine, but even more so of how much time has gone by with no idea of when it is going to happen or even if we are getting a new Splinter Cell game in the first place.

What lies Beyond Good And Evil 2?

Don’t keep the monkey waiting

It doesn’t seem like we are going to see Beyond Good And Evil 2 anytime soon. To talk about it can bring mixed feelings among us considering how we want to think it will come out this generation, but it could very well come out in the coming years. Really, there isn’t really much we can talk about here since it seems like the only time we hear about Beyond Good And Evil 2 is when we get to E3 and they remind us it will be happening. Personally, I would say that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is basically Ubisoft’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but since Square did confirm that game will have a showcase next month, perhaps this one will too. I just want to go flying around with my badass monkey buddy. Is that too much to ask?

Will they continue to be close buddies with Nintendo?

If you had to pick one company that has been Nintendo’s best friend, it would have to be Ubisoft. While Microsoft has done some interesting moves lately, it is thanks to Ubisoft that we have seen some very interesting Switch titles as of late. From having an unofficial Star Fox sequel in Starlink, to giving Mario a gun to shoot up Rabbids and even a live performance to confirm the DLC for Kingdom Battle, it is safe to say Ubisoft continues to lay a nice foundation to do further business with Nintendo.

Now the question becomes: What comes next? Not that Ubisoft has to constantly please Nintendo if they don’t wish to feel their wrath, but after two years it does seem like they could have another present wrapped up and ready to go. At this point though, who knows what it could be, but we’ll have to wait and see.

A thought also comes to mind that with many under the impression that Smash Ultimate could see “Multiple character announcements” at E3, there’s nothing that says all reveals have to happen during Nintendo’s direct. Tie that in with the fact we do have Rayman and a couple of Rabbids as spirits in this game it could be possible… Well, possible, but unlikely. But it would certainly be a mic drop if the Ubisoft conference got to play host to a character reveal…


Conclusion: What kind of dance routine will we see for Just Dance?

Okay, that last question is loaded, but really it goes to show just how much ammo Ubisoft can work with every year. It will be safe to consider that Ubisoft will be ready to drop more bombs next month, including titles that we likely have not seen yet, so get ready since we are less than 30 days out from gaming’s biggest week.

Are there any titles you’re looking forward to? What do you hope Ubisoft will announce this year? And seriously, what kind of dance routine will we see for Just Dance? There better be something like “Ninja Pandas” or something…

Be sure to watch their conference on June 10 at 4 PM EST. Alongside with the press conference, we here at Culture of Gaming will be streaming the event as well and providing our commentary and thoughts before, during and after the show, so be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as we will be covering not only Ubisoft’s conference but all other conferences as well.

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