Kinetic Edge is the latest game from SCT and is a very fun and challenging Puzzle – Racing game that will have you playing for hours.

Playing Kinetic Edge was a completely new experience for me, I don’t usually play puzzle games but I found myself enjoying the game from start to finish.

Booting up the game you are treated to a well designed main menu that is very simple to navigate and doesn’t throw unnecessary information at you. The soundtrack is also great and fits very well with the theme of the game.

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Kinetic Edge allows players to play in both Single Player game modes and Multiplayer – I was only able to test the Single Player for this review. Single-player is split into four different game modes which are all fun and challenging in their own ways.

Each game mode will offer different ways to play and challenge the player, whether this is through dodging different obstacles or by using different shapes. Each shape useable by the player offers a different challenge, shapes such as the Sphere and Golfball will be easier to use whereas shapes like Cubes and Pyramids will be more of a challenge.

An in-game screenshot showing the different useable Shapes

Game modes included are:

Race Mode – This is the basic game mode for Kinetic Edge, you race around a level trying to reach all the checkpoints in the shortest time possible, the player with the fastest time and the least amount of respawns used will win. As you progress through the levels they will become harder the more of them you complete. Race Mode includes three different abilities for players to use, Dash allows players to dash across the level faster, Jump allows players to jump up to or across certain surfaces and blast I could not figure out what its use was for. All of these abilities have a certain amount of uses but regain those uses fairly quickly. I enjoyed race mode as it challenged me to better myself in completing the levels faster and with fewer abilities used.

Ingame Screenshot from the Square Mania Race level

Golf – This is a very fun mode that allows players to play crazy golf-style levels either by themselves to set scores on the leaderboards or with friends. Golf includes 29 Holes across Three separate levels. I can see golf being one of my most played modes for this game, especially with how easy it is to pick up and play, no abilities needed, just enjoyment and some patience.

A ingame screen shot of Golf level 1

Maze – This game mode has players navagating through various different mazes to try and be the first to reach the end. Each maze is procedurally generated so they will be different each time you play. Once again these levels are very well designed and get harder as your progress through each one. I liked the included distance to the exit function that is made available in this mode to give you a slight helping hand on what direction to travel in. Maze is one of the game modes I will be playing a lot with my family as like with golf, it’s easy to pick up and play. And with each level procedurally generated, I will always have a different experience every time I play this game mode, which keeps it fun and challenging.

Gauntlet – Now this is the game mode that will be the most challenging to players. Unlike in the previous game modes this will not feature any checkpoints and the level must be completed within seven minutes, if the players fall off an obstacle then they will be reset back to the start of the level so this will test your patience. A handy Gauntlet Training level is included to help players get used to the level so they can post the fastest times in hopefully one go. Gauntlet is made for players that loved to be challenged and tested, this game will push you to your limits but if you can complete the gauntlet then the bragging rights will be all yours.

Ingame screenshot from the beautiful Gauntlet level


Kinetic Edge is definitely a game I will be picking up, with its great visual design and fantastic music this is a game I feel that myself or my family can play and enjoy.

Although I do enjoy the game I would like to see more unlocks made available in the future. being able to unlock new maps upon completing certain ones or being able to unlock new shapes as you progress would bring a sense of accomplishment instead of just leaderboards. I would have also liked to see some tutorials set within the levels or maybe a training course that helps explain how to use the different abilities etc.

Either way, this is a game I would recommend if you are looking for a fun yet challenging experience to enjoy either by yourself or with others.

Kinetic Edge will be available via Steam on February 5th 2021.



Fun and Challenging
Great music and visuals
Four great game modes
Range of different shapes to change the gameplay
Some bugs with different shapes
More unlockables would give players a bigger sense of achievements

Review Summary

Kinetic Edge is a great pickup and play game to play by yourself or with friends and will keep your challenged everytime you play.

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