Mac has never been known as a gaming platform but it is growing in popularity in the world of esports. Yes, you can fine-tune your Mac to get the best of a gaming experience without switching to PC, Android, and the likes.  We have compiled a few tips that will help optimize your Mac into a fully-functional gaming machine.

Upgrade your Hardware

For starters, you can upgrade things like the Hard Disk Drive to an SSD (Solid-state drive) to optimize the hardware for gaming. The trick here is that Macs equipped with SSDs boot, run, and transfer files faster than those with HDDs.

This makes a noticeable difference when playing games that require faster data transfer, such as Massively Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). You can get your HDD upgraded to an SSD by a trusted Apple dealer. Alternatively, you can follow the Apple tech support tutorial and do it yourself, which may also save you money.

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  • Keep checking your hardware performance
  • You can Upgrade your RAM

Free space of your Mac’s RAM

In your Mac, all the tasks, the apps, and the games use the Central processing unit and RAM. Before starting a game, you may need to close some apps for the best performance. You can view how much RAM an app uses from OS X Activity Monitor and decide which ones to close.

Web browsers also use up RAM space, especially if you have many tabs open. For example, many YouTube windows might take up space that could be used to run games. The more RAM space your Mac has, the better the gaming experience.

Run a Mac cleaner app

Running a cleaning app is one of the best ways to optimize the performance of your Mac. Cleaning apps are a good way to have scheduled maintenance done without much of a hassle. You can use CleanMyMac X to speed up your machine and keep it safer as you game. It will remove all the junk that might be slowing down your Mac. It will also help you manage extensions, startup items, and unused apps. In short, it will speed up, clean up, and also protect your Mac.

Tip: Ensure to run a Mac cleaner app regularly for the best performance in gaming.

Restart your Mac regularly

You may have that habit of leaving your Mac on and running for a long time. It could be slowing down your machine. So, ensure you restart your Mac quite often as your game. This will help refresh the system and optimize its performance.

Disable your unused features

One of the best ways to increase your Mac’s speed is to disable those of its features that you never plan on using. For example, if you rarely use the calendar on your Mac, then disable it and delete those files you don’t need. Your Mac will be more effective in gaming with proper space.

Wrap up

Macs are often high-performance machines even though they are not known for gaming. But, you don’t have to switch platforms to play. You can still have fun gaming on your Mac machine. Just put some of our tips into practice and start gaming!



Author Bio: Illene Truman, the creative content advisor at Outreach Monks, specializes in technical blogging. Her expertise in these subjects has gained her quite a lot of recognition among the industry insiders.

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