Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out, and I’m not going to lie, besides a rather repetitive-looking single player mode, it looks like one of the best video game crossovers of all time. I write this piece not to argue about whether or not this is a true statement (though I would love to hear what your favorite game crossovers are in the comments below). With how much of a smash hit this game seems to be (oh god, I swear, no pun intended), it makes me question, what is a system seller? Is there ever a time when you should buy a system for one game?

I feel I must start this out with my usual warning that this is my opinion and mine alone. If you bought any system for any one reason that you either stand by or regret, that’s your decision and your life. Along with your favorite crossovers in video games, let me know if you ever bought a system for one game. This is going to be fun.

What Is Your Motive To Buy A System?

Let’s start with Super Smash Bros. itself. Super Smash Bros. has always been a series about friends and competition. That’s why the repetitive single player mode of Ultimate doesn’t particularly offend me. 

So that idea seems as good to start on as any: if your idea is to play with friends and that’s it, look to see if any of your friends already have the game. Oh sure, it’s nice to have the game yourself. But we’re talking about system sellers. If the game is only meant to be played with friends, perhaps that game is not the game to sell you the system. 

After all, if your friend already bought the game, and all you have on your mind is competition, you might as well save yourself the money. Unless you were truly worried that not having the game on you at all times is going to drastically hurt how good you are at the game. In that case, perhaps you should have a copy of your own.

Wait, Smash Bros. Isn’t A System Seller?

Which brings us to the next point. I am of the mind that no one game should ever be a system seller. In my opinion, it should not matter how much Smash Bros. Melee you play. You should not buy a Gamecube for just Melee (as an example). Honestly, I would love to buy a Nintendo Switch. But right now, I personally do not have the money to toss around.

I love the idea of playing anywhere. I love the idea of a new Mario, Zelda, and especially Smash Bros. You know I have looked forward to a brand new mainline Pokémon game that will finally come to consoles for a while. (I personally do not think that Pokémon Let’s Go! counts).

As I right this, I’m wondering whether this article piece is truly about what makes a system seller or if it’s just a way to convince myself that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is worth buying an entire Nintendo Switch for. But then I think about the last generation of video game consoles. My mind changes once more.

A Long Time Ago

Last generation, I really looked forward to Metal Gear Solid 4. I had become infatuated with the series and I was going to play it one way or the other. We forget because of how successful the PlayStation 4 is, but the PlayStation 3 had a really rocky beginning (if we are being honest, a rocky middle as well).

The thing is, as time went on there were more and more games that I looked forward to. There were more reasons to rationalize buying the system for one game. Oh sure, BioShock and Mass Effect weren’t available yet, but there were so many other reasons to buy it. I’m rambling but my point is, I waited until there was more than one reason to invest in entire system.

And that’s really all there is to it. It’s not one reason that sells me a system. It’s one major reason with lots of littler reasons stacked on top of it. But that’s just me.

What do you think? What sells you a system? What crossovers do you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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