Game Freak’s Little Town Hero is coming to PS4

Little Town Hero leaves the Hometown 

Pokemon developer Game Freak is branching out from under the comfortable wings of Nintendo to release their previously switch exclusive, RPG, Little Town Hero, on PS4 in Japan.

While perhaps not the Game Freak title Playstation players would prefer from the beloved creature collector developer, the announcement still comes as a surprise for the Nintendo published title.

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Little Town Hero was released back in October for the switch after being announced under the working title Town; the game is a turn-based RPG that uses a rock, paper, scissors system mechanic in battle.

The game’s actions are limited to its starter town who’s villagers can never leave out of fear of the outside world. Undertale developer and composer Toby Fox compose the game’s soundtrack.

The game is one of only a handful of projects created by the developer without the Pokemon IP attached, the game is part of the company’s Gears project that allows members to pitch unique ideas during the team’s downtime between Pokemon releases.

When the Little Hero Arrives:

Currently, the PS4 launch has only been announced for Japan, with a physical version being published by Rainy Frog and the digital release being handled by Game Freak.

Physical editions for the Nintendo Switch version will be released in the west this spring by NIS America. Though the company has yet to announce if they will be publishing the PS4 version of the game as of yet, the publisher will likely wait to see the performance of the Switch version first.

This isn’t the first time since the developer created the Pokemon series that Game Freak has created games independently of Nintendo. In 2015 they teamed up with Sega to release Tembo The Badass Elephant.

Whether the multiplatform release of Little Town Hero spells, a change in the developer’s allegiances or focus remains to be seen. The PS4 version will release on April 23, with a western release hopefully sometime later in the year.

[Via  Gameatsu]

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