For Honor

For Honor has had a rough first year. The highly anticipated game launched to a lackluster response earlier this year. At launch a host of bugs were present in the game, along with severe balancing and server issues. Although most of these issues have been addressed in updates and patches, players still have problems with certain aspects of the game.

To mark the beginning of Season 3 of For Honor, Ubisoft ran the PC Hero Series tournament. Unfortunately for Ubisoft the move seems to have backfired spectacularly. The streaming of the event only succeeded in highlighting some of the worst aspects of the game. Viewers were quick to notice the effect of bugs on the outcome of some key matches. Although a majority of games played out bug free, some captured video shows players losing their matches due to technical issues.

One specific exploit rendered player attacks completely unparryable, and also allows players to cancel out certain recoil mechanics. This exploit has been pointed out by the community in the past, but it seems Ubisoft have not been interested in patching it.

Exploit abusers are abundant in the For Honor community right now and the tournament was no different. The overall winner of the contest, Jakub Palen, blatantly used exploits to win. The move was a clear violation of Ubisoft’s For Honor code of conduct. The decision to grant Palen the win has been met with anger and disbelief among fans of the game.

How do you think Ubisoft need to change their game to win back the fans? Did you watch the tournament? let us know in the comments below.

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