Say, are you fond of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but tired of the same dark-fantasy theme that these games seem to stick with? Yeah, me too – but fear not! If you’re looking for a different take on the souls-like genre, you should be excited about The Surge 2, a sci-fi souls-like coming from Deck13 next year.

If you aren’t familiar, the original The Surge released in early 2017 (right in the middle of a release calendar of some massive games like Breath of The Wild). Imagine Bloodborne, but with mech suits, and in a colorful, Mass Effect­-like sci-fi world. That’s The Surge. When it released, The Surge was certainly an interesting take on the genre it settled itself into but was ultimately bogged down by a cobbled-together story. It got decent enough reviews, but at the time there were so many games coming out that it got a bit buried.

Regardless of how the first game performed, the second game is shaping up to be just as worthy a title, if not more so. Deck13 showed off the first footage of the game a couple months ago, but just Wednesday they released a brand new gameplay trailer that looked just as brutal and beautiful as we expected it to be. We can’t wait. Check out the new trailer below, as well as IGN’s first look at gameplay from a few months back:

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Are you excited for The Surge 2? Or are you more looking forward to Fromsoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Let us know!


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