Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is quite possibly one of the most popular games out today. It has garnished over 7 million purchases while being free in August on Playstation Plus. Plenty of players are joining the cute and adorable bandwagon of colorful and funny characters. Many moments I have cherished as well as angered through various minigames the game has to offer. One thing is sure that Fall Guys shows no signs of slowing down at all. At the same time, the mainstream is content on its wacky gameplay and blossoming anesthetic. Huge internet personalities and influencers like Ninja, Mr. Beast, Aimlabs, and G2 eSports are cashing in on the trending phenomenon. Fall Guys has a lot of potential to be the next big thing in gaming. However, like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone before it, changes and updates must be made.

Season One of Fall Guys will come to a close within a month. I hope Mediatonic has some bright ideas to shake up the formula to keep things fresh. Let’s take a look at the potential updates and changes that can be made to Fall Guys, to keep it in the spotlight.

Make Fall Guys Available To Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Xbox and Switch Fall Guys

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Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? While Fall Guys can be comfortably enjoyed on a PS4 and PC. Why not give this feeling to Xbox One and Switch players as well? I am pretty sure they would love to laugh out loud and yell at their TVs in frustration too. Fall Guys NEEDS to be on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. You practically go on their official Instagram or Twitter page and seeing people beg them for Xbox/Switch port. I will expect Fall Guys will make an appearance soon on either or both consoles. Maybe take the Rocket League approach, which was also a free PS Plus title upon its release while being available on PC as well.

I hope sooner than later because I feel for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch crowd. Fall Guys is one of those games that comes once in a lifetime that everyone should enjoy. It has appeals to attract all ages, from toddlers to old adults. Not only that, but it has the potential to be a crossplay title in the future if they expand to other platforms. It would be great to share the mayhem and funny moments with my friends on any platform.

Exclusive Themed Costumes/More Collaboration Themed Costumes

Gordan Freeman Fall Guys Skin

Okay, so I am not the biggest fan of exclusivity, but I would love to see a Fall Guy dressed up as a Sackboy. Fall Guys is already collaborating with other developers for costume ideas. We have already seen unique costumes like Enter the Gungeon’s Bulletkin, Team Fortress 2’s Scout, and Portal 2’s P-Body. There is more than enough room for more creative special skins utilizing many franchises in the game industry. I would love to see a Fallout theme costume because you know it would be called “Fallout Guy.” Get it? Okay, at least I laughed. Anyways, the most significant benefit of winning episodes and collecting crowns is to purchase costumes. You may also need to put in work because the upper and lower pieces are five crowns each. Luckily they are available for three days to purchase, so don’t feel the urge to grind all day.

Exclusive themed costumes could also be a cool possibility since PC has Scout and Half Life’s Gordan Freeman with an adorable headcrab on top of his head. It’s so cute, why Mediatonic? Would you not make this available for Playstation 4 players? Okay, well, all will be forgiven if PS4 owners got their exclusive theme costumes. I can think of Kratos, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, and many other Playstation mascots that would make great skins. However, imagine if Xbox and Nintendo got their exclusive costumes as well. A perfect example for Xbox is Master Chief, of course, and Nintendo, practically anyone from Mario to Samus.

New Fall Guys Minigames, Of Course.

Fall Guys’ competitive premise is based on minigames. Certain games you would love to play and some that you wish you would never see again. My biggest issue isn’t the minigames, but how long would they entertain me. Eventually, you will get bored of the same games, over and over again. It becomes redundant to the point where you already implement the same strategy, and games become easier. You still have the players to deal with, yes, but the stages become a cakewalk.

Season Two does promise different modes for you to play around with it’s Medieval theme. However, the amount of new minigames we will play is uncertain. Fall Guys can be in danger of serious repetition. Where in traditional battle royales introduces new ideas and changes to the overall map or gameplay elements. Fall Guys would have to create entirely new games to keep players coming back. I would suggest maybe having a rotation of games every two weeks to prevent repetition from happening. Keeping players on their toes and not implementing the same strategies to qualify.

Team Events Needs To Be Its Own Separate Mode

Team Tail Tag

Love being a team player? Well good for you, because your “teammates” would say otherwise. The one gripe I have with Fall Guys is the team event games. Can you imagine being first place within the early three stages of the show, only to lose in the fourth stage because your team was not putting in the effort? Yes, I know we have all been there. Team events just sucked the momentum out of the game. Not only is it disappointing to be on a losing team, but it feels like all the effort up to that point for nothing. If you are fortunate enough to be on a good team, then you qualify.

The only way to truly secure qualification from a team event is merely playing with friends because the communication and chemistry are there. If there were a mic system made explicitly for team play, I would welcome it. Another option is to create a team event mode, it’s own separate option. At the same time, the primary mode is a complete solo experience. It would relieve a lot of players and eliminate worries of being on the dreaded Yellow Team. Oh gosh. This could open up a lot of ideas for team event mode that could be its own battle royale experience. The winning team would, of course, be rewarded a crown, just like the solo mode.

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