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Around this time of year, there’s just about a million things to talk about. New AAA game releases, football, Halloween, even pumpkin spice! The only things that don’t seem to get much coverage are indie games. Fear not! There’s no need to worry about grinding to find the latest indie releases. This list has already done the hard parts for you, so you can sit back, relax, and sip your pumpkin spice latte as you take a look at the latest 5 indie games on the way this fall.

Ooblets (TBA 2018)

Adorably and cheerily sprinting into our first spot on the list is Ooblets. Couldn’t get enough of Harvest Moon back in the day? Are you merely seconds away from celebrating your one thousandth hour on Animal Crossing? Or maybe, you’ve just gotta catch ’em all!If any of these points apply to you, buckle up and get ready for your next game obsession. Ooblets is primarily a farming simulation/RPG game (developed by Glumberland) in which you can live your life out as you choose through character customization, a teeming town of engaging individuals, and by collecting neat seeds, furniture, and more.

If this doesn’t already click the ‘I need to buy this game’ switch on in your head then surely the mysterious yet lovable Ooblet creatures will. From traveling on adventures with your Ooblet, to making them dance battle against one another, there is certainly a plethora of cute activities to get into! While the release date is approximately scheduled for late 2018, the developers are currently still developing the game and will announce an official release date on their website here.

Systems Available: Steam, Xbox One

The Gardens Between (Sep. 20)

Games have the power to transport you to other worlds. Dreamlike worlds where there are no worries, only peaceful, soothing beauty. The Gardens Between does just that.  In the game, you play as best friends, Arina and Frendt, as you travel to over 20 gardens each with their own stories to hear. The Voxel Agents (developers and publishers) do a remarkable job in capturing the essence of tranquility through the relaxing soundtrack and surreal garden levels, all the while developing challenging puzzles and interesting plot.

And don’t just take our word for it on how beautiful the game is. The Gardens Between has been awarded multiple times for its grand visual art and innovative story line. Best of all, you won’t have to wait long to teleport from your reality into this unique world since the game will be releasing very soon. See it for yourself here on their main site. You can also follow the developers journey at their blog site here.

Systems Available: Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Project Hospital (Oct. 30)

Hiring extra nurses and cutting back on budgets to fill in for the vast shortage of doctors? Check. Diagnosing patients with life threatening diseases and astoundingly curing them? Check. Designing the ins and outs of an emergency room to your liking despite everyone hating your tacky choice of wallpaper? Double-check. These are just a few of many things you can do in Project Hospital. Why settle with one high end career when you can become three at the same time: a doctor, manager, and architect. This strategy/simulation game developed by Oxymoron Games gives you absolute power over an entire hospital.

It’s up to you whether you want to prioritize your staff first and compensate them well (as any good manager should!) or lean more towards your artistic abilities and use all that money for bigger, better, and bolder hospital equipment and room design. An even cooler feature is that the game fully translates in over 10 different languages! The game should be fully released the day before Halloween, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about a costume while playing as a respected doctor, manager, architect person. Watch out for more updates and info at the developer’s main page here. 

Systems Available: Steam

Children of Morta (2018)

“The most important thing in this world is family and love.” – John Wooden.

Most people can agree to that right? Well, the Bergson family of Mount Morta surely can. Their entire story centers around endearing love, mystical journey, and overcoming monstrous evil as a family. As protectors of the Mountain in Children of Morta, the Bergson family forcibly leaves their happy lives as an unknown corruption pollutes the land with awful beasts.

It is now up to this family to use their character- specific inherited powers, combat styles, wisdom, and love for one another to restore what is right. This enchanting hand-painted pixel style, adventure/RPG (developed by Dead Mage) is bound to grab your attention intellectually, emotionally, and visually. The game is set to release later this year. In the meantime, you can always read more about the Bergsons and their heroic ventures to come here.

Systems Available: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Super Meat Boy Forever (2018) 

Last, yet far from least, we end our list with the ever-gruesome, action-packed, overly violent sequel to Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy Forever (created by none other than Team Meat) throws you in the hands of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl from the first game. Well, I should say it throws you in the hands of parenthood, since that’s what you are this time around after giving birth to a precious daughter named Nugget (adorable isn’t it?!) Realistically, in a game full of so much adventure and difficult platformer tactics, something is bound to go wrong with our happy little family.

And it does, for the absolute worst when a crazed maniac kidnaps Nugget. It’s your job as the parents to run through 7,200 levels (Team Meat actually designed this many) to save your little girl. Super Meat Boy is also amongst the ranks of official release this year. Want to immerse yourself in the world of meat, bandage, and nugget? All you have to do is click here.

Systems Available: PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Mobile

How hype are you for these upcoming Indie releases? All in all, which one are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below and always come to Culture of Gaming for the latest video game news!

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