The developers at Acid Wizard Studio has announced that Darkwood will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch in May. The positively received Darkwood has previously released on Steam and GOG back in 2017. You might be thinking to yourself, what is Darkwood? Well, Darkwood is a top-down dark survival horror game with a […]

The “Ah S**t, Here We Go Again” GTA: San Andreas meme has recently exploded into popularity, taking over social media. The endless memeable possibilities of that simple statement has seen the internet going full-blown crazy with it; perfect for even the slightest of annoying situations. And this time, we mostly […]

Fade to Silence is an action survival game set in an apocalyptic winter. The game was developed by Black Forest and published by THQ Nordic. Fade to Silence doesn’t quite hit the AAA price benchmark, and is instead available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for $49.99 ($39.99 digitally), and became available on April […]

As the ever growing library on the Xbox Game Pass continues to change, here’s what’s coming and leaving in May. As for what’s leaving, it was announced that the Mega Man Legacy Collection, MotoGP 17, Comic Jumper, Ms. Splosion Man, and Star Wars The Force Unleashed I & II will […]