The case for Modern Gaming. The gaming industry has been around for a few decades now, and in that amount of time it has changed substantially, often in short periods of time. While the retro world built everything that the modern gaming era has evolved, that doesn’t make it the […]

As someone who enjoys RPG’s, I usually try to avoid the Tactical RPG. It’s easy to manage a few people in your party at a time, but trying to micromanage several at once makes me feel rather guilty when my carelessness gets a few of them killed. So as you […]

I feel this should start with a bit of disclosure. I’m a massive Borderlands nut. I adored the first Borderlands, and the second one is one of my favorite games, even if it isn’t as memorable to me as the first game. The Pre-Sequel, while noticeably flawed and having a […]

Since last September, the Switch’s NES Online service has been getting a steady stream of retro NES games. Today, Nintendo announced a few more titles to expand the library. These are Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!!, and Star Soldier. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels is an alternate […]

A new ad for the much anticipated Super Mario Maker 2 has revealed new enemies, as well as new building mechanics. Fans who were impressed with the amount of creativity in the original Mario Maker may be in for a treat. Twitter user @MarkCooper has discovered a new advertisement for the […]