Mortal Kombat 11 is nearly upon us and it would seem that once more, we speculate on who will be a part of the DLC.  When we talk about Mortal Kombat DLC in particular, fans speculate on two things: Which Mortal Kombat characters will return? And what movie icons are we going to be murdering soon? In past titles, we’ve seen this range from horror movie icons like Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface while also having Sci-Fi monsters like The Xenomorph and The Predator.

Now part of me wants to see Jason vs Predator in movie theaters.

The possibilities are seemingly endless on what we could expect to see. Or at least it would be if it weren’t for leaks coming out to spoil the surprises. While Mortal Kombat 11 is almost here, data miners who got an early copy wasted no time in diving in the game’s code. For this leak, this comes from the Nintendo Switch version and while this is far from confirmed, it is best to not take this at face value. Besides the upcoming fighters, we could also be getting “Selectable Announcers” too with Raiden and Johnny Cage doing what Shao Khan did in the past. Could be fun to hear Johnny try and sound series while yelling, “Finish Him!”

Getting back on point, the leak details Nine Downloadable characters as well as something about “EnvironmentName”, “StoryName” and “GOTY.” It could be possible that we might have one special DLC stage perhaps, but Storyname is a touch harder to figure out. As for GOTY, that one probably is self-explanatory since it could be like “MKXL.” So who are these characters and how many surprises are there? Let‘s find out.

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Returning Mortal Kombat Characters

So out of the nine characters, the first one should come as no shock: Shang Tsung. It will be fun to see Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprise his role from over 20 years ago and what goodies the sorcerer will bring when he arrives in the coming months.
From there, the list of returning Mortal Kombat fighters.

  • The Shaman, Nightwolf
  • The Edenia Queen, Sindel
  • The Shokan warrior, Sheeva
  • And The God of Wind, Fujin
Image result for fujin mkx

Oh, Fujin… Many wrote off your chances just because someone else also can do wind moves…

While I‘m sure there are fans of all these characters, many would probably say Fujin is the most anticipated character to see a return to Mortal Kombat. Considering Cetrion’s ability to use the four elements, many players thought Fujin’s chances of getting in were kaput. Still, it will be fun to see what NetherRealm can do with him considering how we’ve only seen him in MK4 as playable other than Armageddon.

As for the others, Nightwolf and Sindel are interesting picks considering the roles they played back in Mortal Kombat 9. It might appear this could be “unfinished business” between the two considering it was Nightwolf who brought Sindel down after she murdered everyone else.  As for Sheeva, you got me on that one. I’m sure Sheeva has her fanbase of people who like themselves a four-armed woman who can be just as dangerous as Goro.

Moving on, we have our special guest characters, to which they are four. It is possible we might see two get an announcement first and two later on, but considering these choices, there will make many people thrilled.

When you got to go, go with a smile

I‘m sure I don‘t need to go into too much detail about the relationship between Mortal Kombat and DC Comics. Ever since the two got together to beat the T-Rated fudge out of each other, there was one thought on the back of everyone’s minds: Why was this game even made? It wasn’t bad by any means, but it was a weird pairing. But there was one character that stood out from the rest and so much so, that his fatality from Mortal Kombat vs DC was carried over to Mortal Kombat 9. One thing about guest characters is that you have to remember they will die a very painful and agonizing death. You can look at the entire roster of characters, and you probably can point to one and say, “Yes. That character needs to die,” except one: The Joker.

Now Joker is a rather vague name to have and it really could be any Joker, but I have my doubts Atlus would be okay to see their 17-year-old protagonist have his face melt off before getting stomped into the ground. As the primary villain of Batman, The Joker takes great pleasure in murdering any who get in his way while always having a smile on his face. I would have my doubts if they will give him his same moveset from the Injustice games, but considering that the Mortal Kombat characters had minor tweaks when they did their crossover, it could be possible for him too. While you can do a lot with a playable joker, I think many players want to see him break out his Crowbar for a fatal blow or even for a fatality. That and killing Joker will bring a smile to everyone’s faces too.

You Are Terminated

While we got to enjoy two Sci-Fi icons in Mortal Kombat X, we apparently will only get one this time. But in fairness, you can’t really go wrong with The Terminator.

Considering just how many Cyborgs and robots running around the Mortal Kombat universe, it isn‘t that farfetched to think the Terminator couldn’t fit in either. In fact, part of me would like to think that they could try to tie in the killer robot with Sektor and the Cyber Lin Kwei in this context. The only concern I have is how they will explain the lack of a human brain since it is all machine. Maybe they won’t give it a brain, or perhaps this is a special Terminator that has a brain in there for the hell of it. Who knows, but it will be fun to see the explanation they give if there is any.

Related image

Now The Terminator can finally get revenge on the Australian that stole his look!

Now as for a means of fighting as the Terminator, there are lots of examples we can pull from. Sure, we can use the movie‘s approach and have him to be almost like Jason where it is a tall, intimidating fighter who can deliver powerful blows. Or perhaps, we can draw from the Terminator’s time in the WWE and give him some rather violent wrestling moves so that Geras isn’t the only person carrying their opponents around.

So many fun possibilities, and it seems like they could do dress him up. Sure, we can make him a giant Austrian bodybuilder named Arnold, but perhaps it could have a “skinless” attire too where it is just all metal. Either way, it could be fun to see another killer robot join the Mortal Kombat roster.

Trading in one Chainsaw Wielding Maniac with another “Groovier” Chainsaw user

When we look at horror movies, we always focus on the antagonists rather than our main leads. Understandable considering they are usually the focal point and we like to see the creative ways they can kill whoever they are targeting. There is, however, one man who bends the rule around as he charges into the fight with his boomstick and a chainsaw for a hand: Ash Williams.

I guess Ash is a maniac too in his own right.

Best known for his seemingly never-ending fight against the Necronomicon, Ash has become one of the very few icons in the horror genre as one of the good guys. He has come quite a long way from the first Evil Dead film and whose one-liners would probably give Freddy a good run for his money.  There isn’t much else about Ash to talk about other than how he would fit in quite well in the current Mortal Kombat if we think about it. Chances are that Ash would look at the Revenants and think of them as Deadites.

As for the moves he would have in-game, that one would be slightly trickier to figure out. He could have different ways to shoot the opponent with his boomstick, or have different applications for his chainsaw. I don’t want to take too many from Leatherface but it could be possible that Ash could also have a something to rush down opponents with, or something to let his shoot enemies from a safe distance. No matter the moveset, it will be fun to see what crazy abilities Ash will have to his name if and/or when he joins the roster. Bonus points if Bruce Campbell reprises his role.

The most requested character’s time to shine?

Chances are if you have been around the Mortal Kombat games long enough, you will always see one man’s name constantly come up. A man who keeps getting requested to be in the Mortal Kombat games or the Injustice games because he could fit into either title. No matter how often we hear requests for him to be in, he never makes the cut… Until now.

Man… I hope this leak is for real…

Now supposedly around December last year, there were rumors going around about Spawn getting into Mortal Kombat 11. It‘s funny considering this was about a week after Mortal Kombat 11’s reveal trailer. During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn), fans asked him if Spawn would be a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat 11. His response: “I believe he‘s on his way…” Now chances are that McFarlane could be like Ed Boon for finding enjoyment in teasing fans on what they really want, but it isn’t like that was a hard confirmation on Spawn joining Mortal Kombat 11. At least, during that time.

Sadly, I can’t really speculate much on what Spawn‘s moveset would be since all I have to go on is the 1997 film which did not see a superb reception in the slightest. Still, with a new film being teased for a 2019 release, what better time than now to add in Spawn into Mortal Kombat? Throw on the big and fancy cape, break out the chains, and tear into all the Kombatants that stand against him.

So What Do You Think?

Do you think this DLC Leak is for real? Are there any characters you‘re looking forward to? And when you do expect we will see the first trailer for DLC fighters? Stick with us here at Culture of Gaming as we will look deeper into Mortal Kombat 11 for what goodies that may come up as the game will be in our hands soon enough. Will be fun to see if this is especially true since you know when Joker comes out, people will be making montage videos of every fatality performed on him (and swapping his model so that he can perform everyone’s fatality too).

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