Xbox Game Pass: Calm and Relaxing Titles to Enjoy

With everything getting canceled and all the toilet paper in the world vanishing, we are currently living in rather troubling times. We’re even at a point where we can’t even say that particular word because apparently it’s “too political” (even though this is something that is affecting just about everyone). While life will still move forward and the C-word situation will see a resolution in due time, the best we can do for now is to stay put, stay calm, and relax. So what better way to do this than with video games through the Xbox Game Pass?

If you are looking for games to sit down and relax with, it helps to know your options. You can play just about anything to help you unwind, but for the sake of this article, we will be looking at seven different titles that you can play right now on the Xbox Game Pass. These can range from some of the best-looking games to games that offer stress-free experiences.  So if you have time over the next few weeks and want to enjoy some nice games, here are a few worthwhile recommendations.

Forza Horizon 4

Source: Forza Horizon 4

Some people might consider a nice Sunday drive an enjoyable way to pass the afternoon. To just travel somewhere and take in the scenery of wherever they go. So if you find yourself not going anywhere for a while, why not get Forza Horizon 4 and enjoy the view? According to a post on Reddit, there is about 195 KM (or about 122 miles) of roads to drive on and that’s not taking the game’s off-road experience into account either. Whether you want to compete in races or just go driving around casually, you can do whatever you like. You can also take pictures of the various locations in this recreation of Great Britain and experience its various seasons.

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Kingdom Hearts 3

Is there anyone more calming than Winnie the Pooh?
Source: Kingdom Hearts 3

If you’re someone who enjoys Kingdom Hearts and have an Xbox One, then good news: the entire series is available! Unfortunately, the only game you can currently enjoy through the Game Pass is the most recent one that came out last year. But hey, there’s no denying that this game looks incredible. It’s fun running around Disney‘s worlds while enjoying the game’s story (if you can follow it along). Even if you’re someone who might not be familiar with the series, the gameplay can be very engaging.

Super Lucky’s Tale

Source: Super Lucky’s Tale

When this game first came out, it got overshadowed a bit with the launch of the Xbox One X. As the sequel (yes, this game is a sequel) to Lucky’s Tale on the Oculus Rift, this game captures the feeling of the 90’s 3D platformers. At the time, many passed over the game, citing some of its glaring issues (such as the clunky camera). However, you can play it at no additional cost with the Game Pass, and it’s a nice little game to play for at least a few hours. Mind you, the game is geared towards a younger audience, but if you enjoy platformers, Super Lucky’s Tale can be a fun side adventure.


Source; Lego Worlds

So this one might be a touch of a cop-out, but let’s be honest: LEGO games are a guilty pleasure. A while back ago, the Game Pass had LEGO City Undercover before it left the service. Right now, though, you have one of three options available to you: LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for the Xbox 360, The LEGO Ninjago Movie video game, and the sandbox title lets you build up a world with Legos called… LEGO Worlds. With the fun but simple gameplay that one has come to know from the LEGO titles, you can always count on them for being fun little distractions.

Tracks – The Train Set Game

Source: Tracks – The Train Set Game

If you’re looking for a game that’s probably the least demanding game you could ever hope to play, look no further than this little title. For many people, train models can be a nice little hobby to have: building up a small world with mountains, stations, and tons of tracks. This game is almost like a call back to simpler times with wooden trains. If you want to participate in the simple mission mode it has, feel free to do so — otherwise, it can be fun to see how far you can stretch out the tracks as you layout and see where you can send your trains on their merry way. Or you can set up jumps since it can actually do that too.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps/Ori and the Blind Forest

It just hit the Game Pass. Go play it!
Source: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

So this one might go without saying, but if you have the Game Pass right now, why aren’t you playing these games already? As completely stunning titles to look at while being completely genre-defining as open-world platformers, it feels like these titles are why you would get the service in the first place. With the recent launch of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, you practicaly owe it to yourself to play the game (or at the very least play Ori and the Blind Forest first). Just remember to not get too swept away from the visuals while you’re running around the world.

Rare Replay

One of 30 titles from Rare

Before the Xbox Game Pass came into being, there was a special collection of games from Rare that features 30 titles they made over the course of 30 years. Some are clearly better than others, but the point being is Rare Replay has a few nice titles for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you run around the world of Banjo-Kazooie (or Banjo-Tooie, or that third game some don’t like to talk about), revisit one of the Xbox 360 launch titles like Kameo: Elements of Power, or enjoy managing pinatas and to build up a garden, there’s tons of games to explore and check out. Hell, maybe there’s someone in the world who finds Conker’s Bad Fur Day to be a relaxing time… somehow. There are 30 games to check out and plenty of titles so be sure to give each one a look-see.

Untitled Goose Game

Source: Untitled Goose Game

Sometimes, the best way to unwind is through being a jerk… or a Goose. Untitled Goose Game is a charming little game that lets you run around a small world as a Goose who only has one mission: make everyone else’s lives a living nightmare. It can be fun to be an evil goose, and the music helps to encourage you to do some of the silliest things. If you haven’t played Untitled Goose Game yet, you owe it to yourself to play it for at least an hour and to not take the game seriously whatsoever. It is a short game but can provide a lot of laughs.

Bonus Suggestion: Doom (2016)

Because when you want to relax, you think of brutal violence! Thank you Xbox Game Pass.
Source: Doom

And to wrap this up… you know what, let’s scratch everything said up to now and be honest with ourselves. The best way for some of us to relax is through sheer violence and chaos. And considering that Doom Eternal is just around the corner, this is probably the best time if any to revisit Doom (2016). I mean, Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are coming out the same day and Animal Crossing is one of the most relaxing titles one could play, so the same can be said of Doom, right?

Sarcasm aside, Doom (2016) does provide that fun sense of action that can help people unwind through the vicious murdering of Hell’s inhabitants. It might not be the go-to choice for many, but it never hurts to remind people of this little masterpiece right before its sequel comes out.


So really, there are plenty of ways to help pass the time, video game or otherwise. The funny thing is that we could have also briefly touched on other games like Goat Simulator which isn’t really as “calming” as the other titles, but it can be rather enjoyable to witness the chaos on display. There are also other simulator games you can try out, like Farming Simulator, Zoo Tycoon, or Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, but that’s part of the joy that is the Xbox Game Pass. There is a bit of everything for everyone.

Are there any games on the Game Pass you enjoy playing? Would there be any titles you would recommend to others to explore? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles covering the gaming world. Stay safe and don’t go too crazy with that toilet paper.


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