The gaming industry is growing astronomically. The global game market was $152 .1 billion in 2019. The industry is set to reach $300 billion by 2025, with more than 2.5 billion gamers.

One of the main reasons for this growth is technological advancements. Most companies are investing in optimizing mobile compatibility to attract the young generation.

On the other hand, there are about 1.6 people gamblers worldwide, with the global market expected to reach $565 billion by 2022. The gambling industry encompasses lotteries, casino, betting and more.

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Although the industry is growing, people have been playing games like Bingo ages before the invention of the internet. Currently, it’s almost impossible to develop the industry without investing in technology.

Understanding the Difference between Gambling and Gaming

Although most people use gambling and gaming interchangeably, these two terms have different meanings.

While gambling involves wagering money, gaming refers to playing interactive games. However, the two overlap. Some gaming activities, such as betting on electronic sports, are forms of gambling. Similarly, legal gambling is considered gaming.

6 Things Gambling Industry can Borrow from Gaming

Gaming is expected to reach its maximum potential in 2025. The phenomenal growth has made the gaming industry one of the fastest-growing industries.

So what can online gambling borrow from the gaming industry?

  1. Take Things a Notch Higher with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that has taken the gaming industry several notches higher. VR makes players immersed in the gaming experience. If virtual is not your thing, you will like augmented reality.

AR enables you, the gamer, to maneuver real-world spaces making the game object applicable in real life. The gambling industry can use virtual reality to enable punters to waggle virtual casinos from the comfort of your home. Punters can also interact as they play blackjack and slot machines.

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

The gaming industry is growing in tandem with technological advancement. One of the best technologies in the gaming industry is the use of artificial intelligence.

The technology helps programmers to develop algorithms that can process large data sets.  Game developers use the algorithms to create realistic locations and enhance logic.

  1. Cutting Edge Graphics Make the Experience Worth It

Thanks to technological advancements, game developers are using top-notch graphics to give you photorealistic experiences.

The high image quality makes you feel like you’re inside the game. Nowadays, there is 4K, which boasts of unmatched crispness and colors.

  1. Enter Cloud Gaming

Video game systems require powerful systems. Disc space or console memory limits the number of games that you can enjoy.

Luckily, there is cloud gaming. Cloud-based games use a gigantic server that allows you to stream images to your screen via the internet.

  1. Invest in Mobile Technology

By 2021, mobile gaming is expected to take 59 percent of the global gaming industry. Availability of the internet, the widespread use of smartphones and creation of apps has made it easier for you to access new games on your mobile device.

Forget the arcade experience. Mobile gaming has brought the exhilarating experience of digital gaming at the palm of your hand.

The gambling industry is also adopting mobile technology to optimize casino applications. These mobile casino games endear the younger generation thanks to their interactive and engaging attributes.

  1. Add the Realism Aspect Using 3D

Initially, the games were designed in two dimensions. The invention of 3D graphics is a step toward attaining realism. It enabled game developers to make more natural locations and characters.

The 3D graphics incorporate realistic and in-game interactions between objects. Most players have become great fans of 3D games, realistic details, and attractive special effects.

These captivating features will let you immerse yourself in the game fully. 3D animations can be used in the gambling industry to appeal to fiction and fantasy enthusiasts.

The Future of Gambling Industry

The gambling industry is growing significantly; there is no doubt about that. However, there are several things that the industry can borrow from the gaming industry, by using the latest technology to enhance the gamers’ experiences.

The latest games come with 3D graphics, virtual reality, artificial reality, and cloud gaming technology.  The gambling industry has massive room for growth. If it incorporates technologies used in the gaming industry, its future will be even brighter.


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