It’s been a while since the latest release of a new Warframe, and the developers show no sign of slowing down with their latest release, Revenant, a Warframe capable of using sentient energy itself. This Eidolon/vampire inspired Warframe is the pinnacle of spin2win frames, so without further ado, let’s take a look at his abilities.

Passive: Retaliation

Revenant emits a radial blast when his shield depletes, knocking down surrounding enemies. It’s a good passive giving him survivability and synergizes well with his active abilities, especially danse macabre, providing a free defense without leaving his ultimate.

First Ability: Enthrall

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Revenant converts a target into a Thrall that fights for him, spreading the affliction to those that they attack. Upon dying, a pillar of energy is left behind doing damage. Naturally, this makes Enthrall great for crowd control. The duration is affected by ability duration mods, so extending the base duration of 30 seconds is possible. However, the maximum amount of Thralls you can have is capped at four irrespective of mods.

Thralls can be damaged by allies and Revenant himself, so you can abuse the pillars by killing Revenant Thralls. If timed right, the pillars deal decent puncture damage and can be strategically erupted at doorways and other chokepoints to take advantage of Warframe’s simple enemy pathing. Otherwise, you are better off just keeping the Thralls and using your weapon. The pillars are affected by ability strength mods.

Overall, this ability is quite gimmicky and limited, especially considering Nyx’s chaos ability. The crowd control is great, but you are limited to four targets so you have to use it in moderation and the damage output is decent at best if you can bother to use it effectively. A good thing about it though is that you can cast it at no cost with your second ability.

Second Ability: Mesmer Skin

Revenant envelops himself in sentient energy, redirecting damage and stunning those that attack him. The thing about this ability though is that it uses charges, which limits how much you can stun. The number of charges is affected by ability strength mods while the duration is affected by ability duration mods, and both are necessary for this ability. Revenant doesn’t have much survivability, so timing and using this under heavy fire is a must.

This ability is amazing and, as I stated, a necessity for survivability. It is able to reflect damage and status effects back at enemies. But again, you need ability strength and duration to maximize this ability to its full potential.

Third Ability: Reave

Revenant transforms into a wall and charges forward, draining shields and health from enemies and recovering his own shields and health. The dash duration is affected by ability duration mods. At higher enemy levels, particularly damaging enemies will pop you without significant defenses (armor, damage absorption/mitigation abilities) lowering the viability of an ability such as Reave which only grants restoration. The long casting time and inability to move during it makes the ability undesirable or clunky to use in battle. The drain and heal percentages are not affected by mods sadly but are increased when hitting your Thralls. In reality, the heal and the shields are a bit superfluous as you can use mods, pickups, and arcanes to do the same thing. With Mesmer Skin also being his second ability, he doesn’t really need the heals or the shields as long as you are smart, so that’s just an added bonus. 

Again, it’s a great survival ability with the heals and the shields granted greatly in excess of possible capacity though it may do more harm than good in its use.

Fourth Ability: Danse Macabre

Revenant spins and releases 9 energy beams to kill his enemies continuously. This is the bread and butter of Revenant and can certainly be considered broken in its current state. Ability strength mods increase the damage, and ability range mods increase the beam thickness, not to mention it has a 20% status chance added into a mix. So NarrowMinded is a viable end game build, due to the fact that ability range does not affect the sweep range.

This is a whirling fidget spinner of death constantly damaging every second with a one in five change to afflict the enemy with a status, but can go through smaller terrain like pillars. Adding onto this, all damage that Revenant takes is added into a damage pool, which gradually transfers into the overall damage by the beams. Holding down the fire button while spinning doubles the damage and status chance though it costs an extra 25 energy per second at the base, which can be lowered by ability duration and efficiency mods, the former being something you should already be running.

Oh, and the energy beams also automatically convert into the strongest damage types for individual enemies, like corrosive damage against armored enemies, and magnetic damage against shielded enemies. This is the cherry on top of this ability, with status being crucial for maintaining high damage when pitted against sortie level enemies. If you are low on health and shields, you can cast Reave instantly to get them back and not to mention that killing your Thralls using your four leaves behind overshield pickups on death.

So pretty much, you are nearly unstoppable using your fourth ability, as long as you have the energy for it.


Revenant is an amazing Warframe for solo play and provides great DPS to any team comp, and minor support with the occasional overshield pickups. His sustain is ridiculous and so is his damage as long as you maintain your energy. His second and fourth ability should be the main focus of your modding, so I recommend prioritizing ability duration, efficiency, strength, as the base status damage is strong enough as it is. Don’t really rely too much on his first ability, and always keep up your second ability if you can. The third ability is mainly used for reposition or if you really need to heal. So overall, a well-designed DPS Warframe.

Images supplied by Greg Jones, IGN: —Godmund—


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