In this weeks Power up Podcast, Taylor, Anthony, Andrew, and Mike get together to discuss the week’s news, trends and latest events such as the UK’s regulation of Loot Boxes, TGS 2019, and much more.

This week, we recap the Tokyo Games Show’s best announcements. From Shenmue 3 to the FF 7 remake, Death Stranding’s latest gameplay demonstration, Persona 5 Royale details, and so much more.

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Following this, we discuss the UK’s latest endeavors to ban the Loot Box and what rulings they feel Loot Boxes should be classified as. Should Loot Boxes be banned? Should they be restricted in some way? You can check out the entire story on the issue right here.

Then Andrew delves into Apple Arcades offerings, price, games and just what the service has to offer. Is this the next Google Stadia? Check out all the details on the new Apple Arcade right here!

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Source: Cnet

Following this, Anthony discusses the recent announcement from Gamespot that they plan to close upwards of 200 stores around the US. These stores are ones that have performed poorly over the last 2 year period and will be closed due to this. You can check out the full story right here. 

These are only some of the topics discussed on this week’s show. If you liked the episode, why not leave a comment down below on the topics discussed. Join our community discord where you can chat to all of our Podcast hosts and ask us any questions you may have.



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