Konami may be preparing to reopen the long-abandoned, misty streets of Silent Hill, not just once, but twice!

According to a leak by industry insider and rumour source AestheticGamer the company has been working on reviving the series for the past two years now, reaching out to developers to pitch their ideas for new entries in the franchise.

Two games have allegedly been in development, one a soft reboot of the franchise and the next main entry in the series and another described as a Telltale/Until Dawn style episodic series that will release alongside it.

When asked to comment on the rumoured titles by Eurogamer, Konami refused to respond specifically to the rumoured titles but said that they are looking to customer feedback and considering ways to deliver the next title.

A very silent hill

The Silent Hill franchise once considered one of the pioneers of the survival horror genre and known for gaming classics such as Silent Hill 2, has fallen into dismay in recent years.

The series last main entry Silent Hill Downpour was released back in 2012 and was poorly received by critics and audiences. It following a period of decline for the series after the original development team was disbanded and the series was handed off to various western developers.

The series looked to be getting its stride back when in 2015, Konami released P.T (Playable Teaser) a demo that was a secret announcement for the upcoming reboot of the series, Silent Hills. The reboot would star Norman Redus and involved Guillermo Del Toro and manga artist Junji Ito.

Headed by Hideo Kojima, the teaser received universal acclaim and became a trendsetter before relations between the company and director fell through and the game was unceremoniously cancelled. Kojima eventually left Konami and signed with Sony to release Death Stranding in 2019.

Since then the series has been almost completely radio silent, besides a few licensed pachinko machines.

Konami originally set to distance themselves from the traditional gaming industry and into the pachinko industry. In recent years they seem to have come back around on the gaming industry with new entries into the Contra and Metal Gear series releasing, though with mixed results.

The announcement would be a welcome one for fans who have all but given up hope for the future of the Silent Hill franchise. Though with the last piece of news on the series being that the official website domain was up for sale, at $9,835 it should all probably be taken with a grain of salt.

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