Studies suggest that having a hobby can boost mental and physical health and wellbeing. If you’re a tech aficionado and you’re looking to pursue new interests, here are some ideas to consider.

Building computers, software development and app creation

If you have advanced skills in computer programming, you’re interested in developing or using apps or you want to test your mental mettle, why not set yourself a challenge to build a computer or design a new app or software program? You can hone existing skills, get information and advice online, join communities to share and collect ideas and suggestions, and learn new skills through online courses, resources and workshops. This kind of hobby is brilliant for flexing your gray matter but it can also open up social opportunities and it could even prove lucrative if your invention is a hit with others. 

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Gaming has become increasingly popular since the pandemic hit. As well as providing an outlet and an escape during a stressful time, online gaming is also an excellent means of socializing virtually and making new friends. You can challenge your friends and family, take on strangers all over the globe and join gaming communities to prevent isolation and loneliness. Gaming can boost mental health, and it can also reduce stress. If you’re new to gaming, there’s a huge range of titles available and the opportunity to play alone, take on friends or compete against virtual opponents. 

TV shows, movies and anime

Most of us have spent more time staring at a screen than normal during the pandemic. We have binged boxsets, watched more movies than ever before and discovered new programs, series and animations. If you love TV and movies or you have an interest in comics or anime series, you can use your passions to develop new hobbies. From collecting figures of Dragon Ball Z and attending themed events to doing your own animations and writing or blogging about the latest TV and film releases, there’s scope to explore several avenues. 

Music production

Music production is a fabulous hobby for tech enthusiasts who also love listening to music, going to gigs, playing an instrument, DJing or writing songs. This is an interest that combines creativity and technical know-how, and it can also be incredibly enjoyable. You can use your technical skills to develop and enhance sounds and share your music at the same time as enjoying the mental health benefits of being creative and expressing yourself. If you excel, or you really enjoy your new hobby, you could even consider setting up a side hustle or changing careers

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Technology plays an increasingly integral role in the way we live our lives. If you’re a fan of tech, it’s a great idea to try new activities and explore hobbies that will enable you to use your skills, talents and interests to meet new people, reduce stress, lift your mood, learn, and develop new skills. If you’ve got a bit of free time, why not give these hobbies a whirl?

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