Super Mario Party has recently released, and with that comes the onslaught of new minigames for players to enjoy. Since the original Mario Party, minigames have become synonymous with the brand. A Mario Party game is only as good as its minigames, therefore we thought of counting down the five best minigames from the series. Keep in mind that since Super Mario Party is still fairly new, we will not include any minigames from the game. Instead, we will only consider games form all entries prior to that. Also remember that this is an opinionated list, and that some of the choices here may not match up with your’s. With that said, lets count down the top five best Mario Party minigames.

5. Booksquirm (Mario Party 4)

Mario Party 4 Booksquirm Screenshot

In Booksquirm, players must avoid being squished by the turning pages of a book by standing over holes within the pages. The tension that comes with trying to reach the page holes as the pages turn faster gives this minigame the thrill and excitement players love. not only that, but having the ability to push opponents out of the way adds a hint of mischief that everyone loves in a minigame. This shows a perfect example of how simple concepts can make the bast entertainment.

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4. The Final Countdown (Mario Party 7)

Image result for the final countdown mario party 7

We’ve all seen plenty of minigames that involve staying on a platform from the Mario Party series, but The Final Countdown pulls it off the best. The game consists of a grid-based platform with panels that count down at different speeds. Players must try to remain on the platform and avoid falling through the panels that reach zero. This minigame combines strategy with chaos as players scramble to avoid falling off. The added ability to punch and kick your opponents also just increases frantic feeling of this game.

3. Tumble Temple (Mario Party 9)

Related image

Yet another example of a chaotic yet fun minigame, Tumble Temple has players try and avoid spiked balls rolling down a slope for 60 seconds. As if that already didn’t present a challenge, pegs begin to pop up on the slope that can change the direction of where the spiked balls will land. This can stress many players out as the balls speed up throughout the game, but that’ts the fun part. You never really know where a ball will land, and therefore you get caught up in the anxiety and hilarity that occurs in Mario Party games.

2. Whomp Stomp (Mario Party 9)

Image result for whomp stomp mario party 9

Whomp Stomp is a rare minigame in that it has players working together while also competing against each other. In it, each player stands on a different part of a moving platform, with a Whomp in the center. During each round, players choose between a 1 and a 0. For every 1 selected by a player, the platform moves one rotation. At the end of the round, the player that ends up in front of the Whomp gets squished. This leaves the Whomp vulnerable to other players, who can ground-pound it for a higher score. This game adds combines cooperation with competition in the best way. Players must work as a team to defeat the Whomp, but also keep in mind that their own scores effect their ranking in the end.

1. Bob-Omb Bogey (Mario Party 10)

Image result for mario party 10 bob omb bogey

The Mario Party series has had plenty of motion-control based minigames before, but Bob-Omb Bogey makes them work well with the gameplay. The purpose of the game is to try to hit the golf balls that appear before you while avoiding hitting the Bob-Ombs that also appear. The faster you hit a golf ball, the more point you receive, but if you hit a Bob-Omb, you will lose points from your score. The ability to swing the Wii Remote adds a layer of authenticity to the game, while the anticipation of trying to be accurate but fast adds to the wildness.

What are your favorite Mario Party minigames? Let us know in the comments below! Also, be sure to follow us on all our social media pages for all things gaming!

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