We all know that one of the best ways to get a party going is to start up a party game. You know, one of those games that can cause both laughter and hatred among you and your friends. One of the best consoles for this is obviously the Nintendo switch. Not only is it portable and easy to set up, but it has a great library of party games that will be instant hits. With great games like Super Mario Party and Overcooked 2 on the horizon later this year, here are some of the best party games you can play right now on the Switch.

5. 1-2-Switch

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1-2-Switch didn’t have the best sales record among some of the other launch titles for the Switch. Many believed that the game should’ve been bundled with the system due to it seeming more like a tech demo than an actual game. Even so, 1-2-Switch still has some amusing and fun mini-games that deserve to be played at least once. From milking cows with the joy-cons to cradling a baby in the form of a handheld Switch, this game can bring some great laughs to your friends who have never played or owned the system. Though there isn’t much replayability to the game, you can still at least get a few laughs by seeing your friends munch down on imaginary sandwiches every now and then.

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4. Snipperclips Plus – Cut it out, Together!

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Snipperclips takes the idea of a puzzle game and turns it into something all its own. Playing as pieces of paper, you and your friends must work together to solve numerous tasks by cutting each other into various shapes. While the gameplay sounds simple, it can actually bring out a great deal of fun. Each level has a multitude answers to how it can be solved, which can lead to some creative solutions depending on who you’re playing with. Snipperclips is a great party game for those who want a calm, yet entertaining experience to share with others. Not to mention a deluxe version of the game, Snipperclips Plus, was released in November 2017, which contains new levels and content. Owners of the original game can also purchase it as DLC, which just adds even more fun to this great game.

3. The Jackbox Party Pack 4

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Come on, did you really think that a game with the word “party” in the title wouldn’t show up somewhere on this list? Besides, it really is a good game. The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is unique in that you use your phone as a controller for the game. This means that for some of the games you could easily play with up to 16 people at a time. There are a variety of games in this title that range from placing bets on idiotic debates to playing simulated dating shows that will make you burst out with laughter. The crude humor and the unique take on party games makes this game a must have on the Nintendo Switch, if not solely so that you can learn more weird facts about your friends that you probably never wanted know.

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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Mario Kart is just one of those game franchises that you instantly think of when discussing party games. There’s no greater satisfaction than crushing your opponents on the track with turtle shells and banana peels. It’s so easy to get lost in all the fun caused by the chaos in this racing franchise. With the new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, you can now easily play races with your friends whenever you want. With so many wacky characters, tracks, and items within the game, it’s almost impossible not to have a good time. Just make sure you don’t end up throwing any controllers when you inevitably get hit with that pesky blue shell.

1. Overcooked Special Edition

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Do you think that a restaurant-simulator game sounds slow and boring? Well, you would be quite wrong. In Overcooked, you and up to three other friends embark on a journey to become the greatest chefs ever by running various kitchens and feeding customers. The trick to this game is that you’re not only cooking, you must also wash dishes, prepare ingredients, and run food to the window. Add the fact that this all occurs under a time limit, and you have yourself a nice helping of stress. Communication is key if you want to be successful, otherwise you’ll end up with late orders and burnt dishes. The various kitchen locations also raise the difficulty, such as rocky ships that move countertops and icebergs that cause you to slip and slide all over the place. If you want a game with simple, yet hectic gameplay that will have everyone shouting and running around like crazy, Overcooked is your game.

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