Titan Quest is an amazing isometric, action RPG but the experience is marred by a lackluster port to home consoles. Embark on an epic journey to conquer all the Titans across Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia. Enjoy new textures and small changes that take advantage of current-gen hardware plus a revamped UI for console play.

Bring Back The Days of Yore

Titan Quest

Titan Quest may be an old game by 2018 standards but it is expertly crafted with amazingly deep RPG systems. The gameplay is similar to Diablo 2 or Path of Exiles when it comes to combat and character progression. Players have the option to customize and create a powerful warrior, mage, or a combination of both with all the Mastery system.

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There are a total of 8 Masteries to choose from to build the character class you want. Some can access powerful spells or buffs while others concentrate on melee-focused skills. Some combinations work perfectly together while others can lead to interesting hybrid builds. You can create hybrid classes depending on the Mastery paths chosen and the item builds to support. It is up to the player to develop their character and choose which Mastery they want to invest their skill points.

You can become a Tank using the Defense Mastery and supplement it with Nature Mastery for a self-sustaining build. Or how about a dual wielding rogue with powerful magic at his disposal? The Mastery system helps players create their ideal fantasy character by not restricting players into one class or another. Players can choose to invest points in action skills, passive buffs, or level up your Mastery to unlock higher tier abilities and skills. There are plenty of options to chose from and several skills that greatly improve the damage of every weapon in Titan Quest. The game includes a wide variety of weapons to choose from including spears, one-handed weapons, bows, shields, clubs, etc.

As with most loot-based games, Titan Quest’s items range from Common to Legendary via their designated color code. Each rare drop will offer unique bonuses that can be unlocked if the character meets the right stat requirement. Item bonuses can range from unique attributes like armor resistances, elemental damage, stat buffs, or increased experience gains.

Relics are stackable upgrades that give players greater control in creating a powerful build that suits their playstyle. Relics can be applied to any item in your arsenal and any piece of armor. They have powerful effects that can enhance character builds, like Artemis’ Bowstring: perfect for a Bow/Hunter Mastery build. And almost every town includes a dedicated NPC that can apply magical attributes to your weapons or transfer them to other weapons in your inventory. Titan Quest is the perfect game for players who love maximizing their characters via incremental upgrades and the game includes several game systems like Mastery, Relics, and Enchanting to support any playstyle.

Attack on Titans!

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is a beautiful game with updated textures that are impressive. The game looked amazing at the time of its release but the graphical update takes it a step further with a wide variety of color palettes. Ancient Greece looks amazing and the details on the monsters are impressive. You’ll have time to explore every area in the world as you slay several mythical creatures from famous mythological tales. The environments also include hidden areas that reward players with chances of obtaining loot or rare monsters with high-end loot tables.

The main story is lengthy and spread across several acts with a text-based quest system. Each quest and side quest NPC is voiced and weave a tale about important tasks or monster to be aware of. The main story quests have you traveling to your next point while side quests within each town can lead to additional rewards like experience, skill points, items, and more. Most quests just require retrieving an item in hidden locations or to slay a certain monster. The lore is deep and effectively portrays famous characters, gods, or monsters based on ancient myths. Other than Sony’s God of War and Microsoft’s Ryse: Son of Rome, it is refreshing that Titan Quest’s aesthetics create an immersive experience but sadly bugs and weird design decisions make for a less than stellar port.

Let’s Not Port Here

Titan Quest

Titan Quest touts enhanced graphics and a customized UI for consoles but only half of those promises are fully realized. While the environments are amazing, there are noticeable bugs when traveling the game’s vast world, like texture pop-ins. There have been several times that the environmental textures would not load and all you see is the grey block framework of the game. Hitboxes become noticeable both on your character and enemies alike. During my playthrough, I could see a red hitbox on top of my character to signify a bleeding status effect. On another occasion, Wraiths that appear from the ground would show light blue hitboxes on the surface before they even appeared! These graphical bugs happen enough that it begs the question: was Titan Quest was properly optimized for current gen hardware? These bugs are annoying but nothing in comparison to the “unique console UI” changes that were made. One of them is the targeting system when attacking several monsters at once.

The targeting system is terrible which creates a constant battle for control of your character actions. Several times I would aim my targeting cone to the beast I wanted to slay, only to keep hitting the same monster that started the fight. When incoming monsters come into range the game decides to quickly target those new oncoming monsters instead of finishing off the ones I was already in combat with. This forced me to play at a slower pace by trying to pick off a few groups at a time because switching targets was almost impossible. Combat should not be a frustrating experience but alas this Titan Quest port doesn’t live up to the seamless gameplay of the PC port.

The game added some brand new menus that are suitable for console play but some menus are straight ports of the PC UI. Keeping the original PC UI creates a unique problem for the console port. By keeping the menus the same as the PC version, the text is almost unreadable since it is not adjusting for the fact that console players play on their televisions instead of a PC monitor. This is the most disappointing aspect of the game and the developers did not add an option to increase the font size. It’s almost impossible to play on the couch like most console players without having to strain your eyes.

Titan Quest is a great game but these problems are noticeable every time you sit down to play. Currently, Titan Quest on consoles is the worst way to play such an amazing game but hopefully, the developers can patch these problems down the road.

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Amazing Textures
Deep RPG Systems
Greek Mythology and Monsters
Tiny Text
Graphical Bugs
Bad Targeting System

Review Summary

Titan Quest is an amazing game with beautiful environments and a great massive world set in Ancient times. Players can create unique and powerful classes via the Mastery system and plenty of monsters to slay for epic loot. Sadly, the console port doesn’t stack up to its PC counterpart.

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