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Telltale Games has recently confirmed that their hit game, Game of Thrones, will be getting a season two expansion. But there is a catch. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Telltale’s creative communications head Job Staffer states, “Not long after the conclusion of the first season we said would be continuing, and we had designs on the future of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Right now that is on hold.”

Staffer does add that we will be getting a season two but Telltale is focusing more on other seasons of their games like The Wolf Among Us, Batman, and The Walking Dead. Staffer stated, “we’re anxious to get back into Wolf, Walking Dead and Batman and see where things go with the narrative of the [Game of Thrones] show before we really come back to the table with something we’re excited about.”


Hopefully, we don’t have to wait long until the new season for the game, but considering that Game of Thrones the tv show isn’t due back until 2019, it looks like we will have to be patient.


What do you say gamers? Are you bummed about this news? Or are you ok with them waiting? Let us know in comments what you think.


You can read the full interview with Eurogamer and Staffer here.



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