Monster Hunter fans rejoice! As we begin to near the anniversary of Monster Hunter World, we got a special developer update that gave us a quick outline for upcoming content that will be hitting the game very soon and in 2019. From challenging Monsters and another crossover to the update that many Monster Hunter fans have been waiting for. It is so exciting to take it all in, so let’s cut to the chase.

Update 1: Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth

All that glitters is… rainbows!

Every so often, you might get the chance to see enjoy the hunt against the Kulve Taroth. This is a special hunt that allows a hub of 16 hunters team up in groups of four against one massive monster. The hunt can be challenging, but the rewards are quite nice with powerful Golden weapons.

While the fight can be a fun grind, it would seem the gloves are coming off as it will be the next Elder Dragon to go Arch Tempered. Unlike the other Elder Dragons that got a more powerful form, this one actually will replace the current Kulve Taroth. Upon completing a certain set of objectives, you can cause the Kulve Taroth to go into a Fury that will grant it more powerful and devastating attacks.

Upon completion of the Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth, you will get “Rainbow” items that will be even more stronger than the Golden drops. You will also get to earn the ability to craft Gamma armor for the monster as well. Needless to say, the giant golden goat is about to become even more valuable to farm up when it does reappear. And that time is just around the corner too as it will drop next week on December 19.

Update 2: Appreciation Fest

Happy Anniversary!

With us nearing the one-year anniversary of Monster Hunter World next month, we got the confirmation that there will be a special 5th event called Appreciation Fest.

Up to now, the events were seasonal covering Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With this event though, it is pulling out all the stops to give thanks to all the hunters who gave their support to World and making it one of biggest Capcom games yet.

Alongside with a new look for the Gathering Hub, there will be new special equipment to obtain from all-new quests. You will also get to enjoy the handler dress up as a palico and your Poogie also dressing up with balloons. While we don’t know when it will start, it will be safe to say it will come around the end of January.

Update 3: Geralt of Rivia Drops into Monster Hunter

Damned Portal! First threw me into a world with evil swords and now here with talking cats? Next, you’re going to tell me I will have to fight Plumbers and blue haired swordsmen and a monkey with a tie…

Geralt of Rivia certainly has been making his rounds as of late it seems. First he got to enjoy being the first guest character in Soul Calibur 6 and now it would seem the portals have thrown him into the new world of Monster Hunter World.

With this new special collaboration with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, we will have a new story to enjoy in the same vein as Final Fantasy XIV. If you recall, the Behemoth fight had a structure that made you feel like you were playing Final Fantasy XIV. For these unique quests, they will have the immersive RPG feeling of The Witcher. As for Geralt himself, he will have his original voice actors portraying him that will cover most languages including Monster Hunter‘s gibberish language.

The Witcher 3 update will arrive in early 2019.

Update 4: Arch Tempered  Nergigante

Saving the best and baddest Elder Dragon for last!  Here come the spikes!

As the last big update to Monster Hunter World, we have the last Elder Dragon that will get the Arch Tempered treatment. The eater of Elder Dragons is likely going to be an absolute nightmare and will push all hunters to their limits. We didn’t get that many details on it, but we do know that it will arrive in Spring 2019.

That was it for the last announcement coming to Monster Hunter World. While the main game will not get any other updates after this, we did get one other announcement. And this one is what many fans were waiting for.


Things are about to get… Cold.

As is custom with most to all Monster Hunter games, the update to the game arrives about a year after the initial launch. While most of them would be treated almost as a separate game, Iceborne will be an expansion. Set after the events of the original, hunters will be traveling to a new frozen location.

We do not know much else from this trailer but, we did get information following the trailer. As with most “G-Rank” modes, this will not only introduce even deadlier monsters, but the armors you can make will be even fancier than ever. We will have new quiest ranks, locales, monster equipment and even moves.

One of the biggest ones though was the teaser for Nargacuga’s return. This could mean that we may see a few monster veterans make a return, but with those glowing red eyes, it is safe to say a fan favorite will be coming back.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will arrive in Autumn 2019. We are a ways out from it, but definitely plenty of time to get ready for the upcoming voyage.

Trial Version of Monster Hunter World

While many of us Monster Hunter veterans have alot to look forward to, you might have a friend who might be on edge for trying out World. In case you had an interest for checking out Monster Hunter World or want friends to check it out, a trial version will be available soon.

The trial version will allow players to freely play the game up to 3 Stars (Hunter Rank 4). You can still hunt with other players who own the full version, and any progress made will transfer to the full version. If you want to check it out, the trial version will be available starting tomorrow, December 11 to December 17.

So What Do You Think?

Are you ready to hunt more Arch Tempered Monsters? What will Geralt and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collab bring to the game? And will you be ready for Iceborne next year? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more updates on Monster Hunter World and other things in the gaming world.

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