Gather round my fellow steadfast Smash Bros. fans. A day we have waited for will finally be upon us tomorrow. Just under two months ago daddy Sakurai graced our glowing rectangles to share his bounty that was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There is a Smash Direct scheduled to air at 7am PT/10am ET tomorrow, August 8. In under 24 hours the mastermind behind the series will yet again unleash a tsunami of glorious information from his immaculate throne unto our undeserving world.

That means you — our privileged readers — get a special edition of the Smash Blog Recap. We will start with the typical breakdown of the hype-sustaining dew drops of information left behind on the well-trimmed blades of grass by our immortal leader Masahiro Sakurai — but for real it’s probably some random intern. Then we’ll move on to a predictions section, which is an act in futility. There is no way a simpleton such as myself could ever even imagine what a perfect being could be thinking, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Something doesn’t look quite right here…

7/31: The Fake Smash Ball Destroys your Hopes and Dreams!

The last day of July was a busy one for the Smash Bros. Blog. It’s the first time that three posts went up in the same day. The first of those three helped to possibly put a certain leak to bed. GameFaqs user RealKen03 took a swing and a miss guessing that Game & Watch was going to be featured on the Smash Blog on July 31. We had a few different posts, but no 2D liquid crystal men.

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Fake Smash Ball explosion Smash Bros

So that’s what it was…

The Fake Smash Ball is just another bomb item. It mimics the look of the regular Smash Ball, but upon further review it’s just a knockoff. Look closely and avoid hitting this ball or you’ll be sent on a rather unhappy trip.


The Galaga Medley Steals your Attention (and ship)!

Anyone who grew up in arcades or is even vaguely familiar with Galaga has undoubtedly heard this musical interlude before. The preview they gave us is limited, but it sounds promising. I can’t wait to hear the full version of this remix once the game releases.


Lylat Smash Bros

There’s an entire space battle going on in the background here!

Lylat Cruise Hits L or R Once!

Welcome to everyone’s least favorite tournament-legal stage. People just truly hate that tilt. From a recent episode of the Japan Time Podcast it was of their opinion the ship tilting on Lylat seems to have been toned down from Smash Bros. for Wii U. This will hopefully make the stage more of an even battlefield. I can’t help but always love Lylat Cruise despite the hate for this stage in the competitive scene. It’s consistently one of the most detailed and beautiful stages in the game.


8/1: Wario

Introducing: The Garlic Manboy Wonder, Wario! He still farts, rides a motorcycle, and dresses up in a skin-tight pink superhero costume. Just like many other characters Wario received a modification to his final smash. Instead of turning giving the player full control of Wario-Man, initiating this move will now play a cutscene of him beating down your unfortunate opponent.


Rodin Smash Bros

What a bad dude.

8/2: Rodin Thinks His Way into Existence!

Part gunsmith, part bartender, all badass demon. Rodin is one of the coolest dudes in gaming history. From the opening cutscene in Bayonetta it was easy to tell that he was going to be one of the most interesting characters in the game. Fast forward to 2018 and he’s now an assist trophy in Smash Bros. His moveset consists of Bayonetta’s smash attacks with Madama Butterfly’s arms and legs swapped for Rodin’s. This looks like it could be one of the most dangerous assist trophies in the game.


8/5: Samus Crawls Back for More!

Samus, Metroid, whatever you call her she is my all-time favorite Nintendo character. I loved Metroid Prime, but Super Metroid is the game where the Chozo-raised bounty hunter won me over. But we’re here to talk about Smash Bros. Samus has maintained the same moveset from the last game with one big change to her charge beam. You are now able to charge it while midair. This allows Samus to charge her beam while jumping away from enemy attacks. However, during the E3 direct Sakurai made it clear that you’ll need to be careful because Samus will become more vulnerable if this maneuver is done close to landing.





Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Date and Time of the Smash Direct (Source: @NintendoVS Twitter)


As I anxiously await this massive event I have been listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and reading plenty of predictions, but I figure that I should share my thoughts. I talk about Smash news every week so why not throw in a little bonus this time around? Here are my — likely wildly incorrect — predictions for the August Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct.


New Characters

This one is a given. However, I disagree with the notion I’m seeing around that there will be a bunch of echo fighters in this game. The two I have been seeing all over the place are Ken (for Ryu) and Shadow (for Sonic). I could see one of those getting revealed tomorrow, but I feel like they will focus more on unique characters. At most I could see four characters (3 new, 1 echo) getting revealed in the Direct, but three (2 new, 1 echo) feels like the sweet spot.

Daisy Smash Bros

Is the princess of Sarasaland the first of many newcomer echo fighters?

As for who the new characters will be is a little more difficult to put a finger on. The two I would most like to see get revealed tomorrow are Simon Belmont and King K. Rool. Simon’s importance in the pantheon of Nintendo history can’t be understated. Of all the possible third-party characters remaining he seems like the most likely to make it into Smash Bros. Ultimate. As for King K. Rool, he’s one of the classic villains from a major Nintendo franchise. It has been a long time coming and if Ridley’s inclusion is a sign then things are looking up for the king of the kremlings.

Now time for an out of left field prediction! Prince of Sable from For the Frog the Bell Tolls. I wish every day that the diminutive frog prince’s game will get translated and see an official US release. It makes me incredibly sad that the only way to play this game in English is to download a ROM. However, that will not stop me from dreaming. The Prince of my dreams made it in as an assist trophy last time, so why not include him as a playable character this time? Some of his moveset is already established from his assist trophy, but his snake and frog transformations could add even more possibilities. I know this is a moonshot, but I can’t overstate how excited I would be for a Prince of Sable reveal.

Game Modes

This is one of the most exciting prospects for me when it comes to reveals. So much of the roster has already been revealed that I could go until December 7 without any more character reveals. I want to know what I’ll be able to do by myself and with my friends when this game comes out.

The biggest announcement I’m anticipating is the return of the Melee-style event mode. Subspace emissary was great in Brawl, but Melee’s event mode holds some of my best Smash Bros. memories. Finding out about the existence of Event 51 — the battle vs Giga Bowser, Mewtwo, and Ganondorf — was one of the most mind-blowing gaming experiences in my then adolescent life. I also love the simplicity of the mode. It’s a list of challenges with a sentence or two or backstory to give you enough reason to understand what is going on and why.

There’s another mode I’m anticipating that many people have been referring to as ‘Switch Mode’. It would function just like the All Star Versus mode from Project M. This was one of my favorite modes in that mod because it was so different from what I’ve played in past Smash Bros. titles. You start the match by selecting a set number of characters. Then, instead of getting multiple stocks you switch to your next selected character when your first one gets KO’d. It would be a welcome addition to a list of multiplayer modes that could use a little spicing up.


New Everything

Stages, so many stages. Music? The Direct tomorrow morning will no doubt show off a plethora of both.

When it comes to new songs I’m not too picky, but there needs to either be an original version or remix of the overworld theme from For the Frog the Bell Tolls. If we’re lucky we’ll get this song and the game’s protagonist, but you already know how I feel about him. The other song that we need in Smash Ultimate is the original version of Snake Eater with full vocals. The instrumentals in that song are fantastic, but it’s the cheesy vocal that make it a complete package.

I’m also not too picky when it comes to stages. I very badly want to be able to go back to Fountain of Dreams. It was one of my favorite Melee stages and it would look wonderful with Ultimate’s new graphics and lighting engine. Besides that I’m open to seeing what Sakurai has in store.


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