Perfect Autumn Anime To Watch This Season

Ah, autumn. Leaves fluoresce in one last magnificent color before fading away for the Winter, the weather begins to have a chilled nip, a light breeze occasionally gusts, and you’re reminded that the snowfall of later isn’t so far away. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with friends. Maybe go camping, have a fire, roast some marshmallows, and have some good time. Or better yet, watch some anime. Here are some perfect autumn anime to watch while enjoying all that Fall has to offer.

5 Centimeters Per Second 

5 Centimeters Per Second is a short movie (clocking in at around 60 minutes) created by Makoto Shinkai, who you may know for also making Your Name. The movie is split into three interconnected parts, all centering around Takaki, a young man we see grow up and come to terms with feelings of longing. The film also employs the feelings and moods each season conveys to amplify the emotions of the characters. Combined with a soft soundtrack and of course the beautistic style of Shinkai himself, and to be honest, you’ve got quite the tear-jerker on your hands. If you were a fan of Your Name, you’ll probably love this film as well. So sit back and enjoy the movie, and afterwards, maybe have a deeper appreciation for the changes that light autumn breeze may bring.

The King’s Avatar

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Okay, while not technically anime, as it was developed by a Chinese studio, The King’s Avatar is no slouch of a show. It has the unique style of blending really well done 3D rendered scenery with the traditionally animated characters. Style aside, King’s Avatar takes place in the snowy seasons of China, in a very real modern day. Much more light hearted than the previously mentioned 5 Centimeters Per Second, King’s Avatar centers around a fallen esports star who must work his way back to the top of the world. The main character has to face the adult world, like finding a normal job, something foreign to him as esports had been his life up until that point, and all the struggles and learning that comes with. It of course also promotes sheltering inside from the cooler weather and just hanging out, playing some video games. Something that is always encouraged here at Culture of Gaming.

Log Horizon

“Because SAO is for casuals”. All kidding aside, and most notably here the second season, Log Horizon seems to adapt a different tone as the seasons in the show change, with the fall and winter seasons yielding the most trials and tribulations for the characters. Log Horizon is a much more traditional isekai than its closest rival SAO, and a fair amount of people enjoy it all the more for that fact. Instead of trying to escape the world, the characters of Log Horizon just try to make it livable, and try to find the beauty in the world around them. Enjoying each other, and the ever changing world they were placed in. Log Horizon is also incredibly heavy in character development. No character remains static in all aspects. From the beginning to end, some characters are fundamentally different, while some may just have a new chip on their shoulder. Much like an actual video game, Log Horizon is a show where you can see the progression of the characters and the world.

Blend S

Smile. Sweet. Sister. Sadistic. Surprise. Ah yes, moe slice of life. How better to spend the season than watching cute girls do cute things? Blend S is an incredibly easy to watch anime, with very distinct and relatable characters who’s mere interactions with each other are entertaining. And of course, who could forget the memes the intro spawned? Memes aside, Blend S was able to refresh its genre quite effectively, as it doesn’t necessarily do anything new, it just does things really really well, and knows how to set up its situations perfectly. Blend S is the perfect show to watch alone or with friends alike.

Your Name

This is the big one. As aforementioned, Your Name is perhaps the magnum opus of Makoto Shinkai’s career. Your Name has all the makings of a great movie. Incredible music, beautiful set pieces, and characters that feel absolutely alive. The movie is a great watch for Autumn as so many of the events in the film simply correspond to the season we’re currently in. A not insignificant portion of the film takes place in and around the town Itomori’s autumn festival. Aside from the real correlations, by the end of the ride that is Your Name, you’ll be left with plenty of feelings. Maybe happy, maybe sad. Either way, from this film, perhaps a new perspective on various emotions will come about. A perspective that may require some reflection. Your Name doesn’t cater to the mind, it caters to the heart. Instead of exploring a thought, it explores a feeling. If you’ve yet to see the absolute phenomena that Your Name is, I cannot recommend it enough.

Yuru Camp

Comfy. That is the word that perfectly sums up Yuru Camp. As previously mentioned, Autumn is perhaps the greatest time of year to go enjoy camping and the outdoors with friends. Yuru Camp perfectly embodies this activity, as it follows a group of girls and their various adventures in the Japanese campgrounds. The show even sparked a new found exploration of that activity in Japan, whereas the show was airing and rising in popularity, many Japanese outdoors companies experienced a record amount of sales due to audiences being inspired to go out and try camping after watching the show. Perhaps the show’s greatest success comes from the landscapes it showcases, telling the audience “look at what you could see out there!”. Yuru Camp also features various real life tips to employ while camping, like how to get kindle materials for a camp fire, and some of the gear you’ll need. All of this is blended together by a calming and wondrous soundtrack, perfect to listen to while around a fire, and makes for the perfect Autumn anime.

So which of these will you watch? Which of these have you may have watched? Or anything that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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