For those of you who own Middle-earth: Shadow of War, you will be receiving five free content updates before 2017 ends. The first three will be arriving next week.

Endless Siege, Rebellion, and Enhanced Photo Mode are planned to arrive before Thanksgiving next week on November 21. Enhanced photo mode will feature new textures, frames, and filters in order to give your battles the best look possible.

Rebellion will feature Orcs and Uruks that plan to “undermine the Bright Lord.” Lastly, the Endless Siege addition will essentially be horde mode in the land of Middle-earth. Sauron’s forces will attempt to reclaim Mordor as it is your duty to defend the fortress from falling.

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Two more free content drops will available in December starting with the Online Fight Pits. This update will roll out on December 5, which will feature player’s orcs matching up in a fight to the death. For those who come out on top, they will earn some powerful prizes.

Finally, the last free content update to hit this 2017 will be the Brutal difficulty. This difficulty is even worse than the Nemesis mode, allowing zero last chances. You can get a glimpse at all of these updates and more below.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Of course, if you purchased the expansion pass you will have access to even more content. Along side each free content drop is a expansion pass update with the first being Slaughter Tribe and then Outlaw Tribe releasing the next month. These two will be also be available before the end of 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

From what we can see on the road map, 2018 will feature even more free content drops.

Are you excited for the free content updates for Middle-earth: Shadow of War? Let us know down in the comments! 

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