Master Roshi is the Newest Fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ

The Turtle Hermit Still Have Some Lessons to Give the Other Dragon Ball FighterZ!

The Mafuba
Master Roshi prepping for the Evil Containment Wave.


As all fans are wondering who will be announced as the newest character reveal in the FighterZ Pass 3. Finally Bandai Namco announced their newest fighter for Dragon Ball FighterZ: The Turtle Hermit himself, Master Roshi!

Revealed preemptively on a slide roadmap for the 2020 National Championships on the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show stream labeled “Master Roshi Showcase” in September. The trailer teases who is next to be revealed as they show the already announced characters of Kefla & Ultra Instinct Goku. The trailer continues to tease locations of a Red Ribbon Tower, King Kai’s planet, Future Trunk’s time machine and finally Kame’s House revealing that it was time to show the Turtle Hermit.

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Master Roshi is showcased in his Tournament of Power form styling on Piccolo with a combo to finish it off with a signature Mafuba( or Evil Containment Wave)  technique. Finally ending in true Master Roshi fashion with a jokingly trollish dancing with dual hand signs of victory. 


What are your thoughts on the reveal of Master Roshi for Dragon Ball FighterZ? Is Roshi a character you wanted or is there someone else who deserves to take the slot for FighterZ Pass 3? What’s your current team and who is your dream team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Looking for more Dragon Ball content? Take a look at Staff Writter Kevin Alvarez‘ article on the Good and Bad of Dragon Ball Super! Check back to Culture of Gaming for more of your gaming related news daily!

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