My Hero Academia Writing is Putting The Show into a Corner

After the most recent chapters, the My Hero Academia writing is putting itself into a corner. And, unfortunately, it will be difficult to get out of it without disappointing its fans.

My Hero Academia has been a very different type of show from the rest. With the story of Izuku Midoriya and One for All being the center of it all, and yet not revealing much of it.,these have always been the extra layer of intensity that fans are eager to see unfold. But now, events concerning Modoriya, the wielder of One for All, and Shigaraki, the new wilder of All for One, have developed. Unfortunately, these new developments limit which way the future of the show can go.

Honestly, it might not be that great.

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To recap on the two recent chapters of MHA, Shigaraki has awaken and has showcased some his new devastating powers. He is now in hot pursuit of Midiriya and One for All. But, right before they face off, Grand Torino saves Midoriya and Bakugo from facing the villain and states that Deku is not ready to fight him. This leaves us with three different scenarios for the long term. So, where could the My Hero Academia writing go from here?

My Hero Academia Writing1st Scenario: All Might Story 2.0

First, let’s set the scene.

All Might had to flee from Japan to the United States because he was not ready to fight All for One. This caused the death of his master, but ultimately turned into the salvation of the nation. Then under the guidance of Grand Torino, Toshinori became The Symbol of Peace as he returned to defeat the villain.

At this moment, Midoriya stands in the same shoes that All Might once did. Not ready to use One for All at 100% capacity, Deku does not stand a chance against Shigaraki. If Deku takes the same path as his master, it would be terrible writing. Not only does it lack creativity, it’s also repetitive. On a surface level, the fact I can easily guess it means if it does happen, it isn’t inventive.

This would be the worst-case scenario as no one wants to see the same story being told twice. Also, it defeats the purpose of Deku’s struggle to master his quirk and the mystery behind it and its predecessors.

The only positive this scenario would have is the development of Shigaraki and how he would re-shape the world. Unlike the All for One, Shigaraki does not care for complexities of ruling the world; Rather, he only cares for power in order to free the world from the chains of heroes and society. In other words, a law-less world where he is respected as the most powerful being, nothing more.

This will bring a new level of darkness to show not yet seen. Showing the despair of the heroes and citizens as the villains run wild. A world engulfed in flames that only Deku can save. This will also mean the death of many of Deku’s comrades which will add further despair. However, if this is the case, the outcome is all but written and will make the ending of the show predictably unsatisfying.

Twisting the general vibe of the show so much could work, but the more likely scenario is that it’ll feel forced, and out of context for the rest of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Writing

2nd Scenario: The Return of Eri

An interesting scenario, or more of a theory, is the return of Eri and her quirk. As we recall, Eri has the power to rewind. Overhaul used her power as a drug to erase, or rewind, a quirk. But, what if she could use it to advance a quirk? Meaning, using her quirk in such a way that would allow Deku to use his power at 100% with the inclusion of unknown quirks inside of him.

Eri’s return would be a more fitting to the current situation. Not only because it would accelerate Deku’s process to master One for All, but also because Shigaraki has the “quirk erasing drug” at his disposal. Meaning that she will be an integral part of how the heroes counter Shiragraki’s strategy.

However, this will lead to a saturated ending. One of the things that makes this show so interesting is the development of each character and their quirks. The individual restrains of their powers, and how they manage to get around those retrains, has made the show technically and tactically unique. You’d be taking out character development and replacing it with plot development.

If Eri is introduced in this capacity, that technical brilliance will disappear and with it, part of the show’s attractiveness.

This will also make the show seem rushed, the audience will never get to see how the characters evolved their powers. And, in the case of Deku, why is he the only wilder of One for All capable of using all of the quirks inside of him? This route will leave at a lot of questions unanswered. And, if they are answered, it won’t be satisfy the curiosity. (Flashback to Game of Thrones)

3rd Scenario: A Dark Ending

Lastly, this is the ending that no one wants to think about, the death of Midoriya along with the extermination of all quirks. MHA is all about positivism, overcoming obstacles by working hard, and finding a way for justice to prevail. But, at the same time, MHA hasn’t had a problem with killing characters off, or worse, having characters lose their quirk. Therefore, the last option the show has is to kill off Midoriya and along with him, all quirks.

This is a possibility, at the beginning of the show, Midoriya states that this is the story of how he became the greatest hero of all. Obviously, this leads everyone to think the show will have a happy ending, but considering the current circumstances, it could turn out the complete opposite.

Also since Shigaraki is awake, at full power, and ready to steal One for All from Deku, he won’t stop until gets the quirk. Meaning, many important characters will die, and the world will come to the brink of collapse. Then, Deku will become the ultimate hero and sacrifice himself in the service of the world. Thereby, finding a way to kill Shigaraki but at the cost of exterminating all quirks.

So, which one is it?

These events would be nothing short of jaw dropping and devastating all together. However, they are cheap escapes from the corner the My Hero Academia writing is in.

My Hero Academia has been sensational up to this point. It has allowed for the problems of the protagonists to escalate drastically; and, at the same time, managed to create different layers of mystery within the plot. However, if any of the events mentioned come to pass, the show will come to a bitter end disappointing a lot of fans.

How do you feel about the My Hero Academia writing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. You can check out all other anime articles on site here. As always, thanks for reading COG.

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