In this day of age, quality is everything, from what we see and what we hear. Speaking of hearing, there is a challenger in the gaming headset competition. LucidSound has an Xbox exclusive headset that you may want to check out. The LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset (man, that was a mouthful) is a dual functionality headset for both gaming and music on the go. There is a decent amount of variety within this headset that is sure to satisfy. It is compatible with both Xbox One and Windows 10. While there are some nifty features that the headset possesses, there are a few minor drawbacks. However, with a market dominated by Astro, SteelSeries, and Hyper X, you may want to give LucidSound a try. Let’s breakdown this wireless Bluetooth headset and see if it stands up amongst the competition.

Diverse Functionality and Versatility

LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset - Diverse Functionality and Versatility

Starting off, the best thing I will say about the LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset is its dual functionality. While it is a gaming headset, it can double for everyday use headphones. Since trying this headset out, I have used it every day, and it works wonders. I am usually a wired headphones kind of guy, but after experiencing the LS50X Headset, I don’t think I can go back. It’s very sleek with its design, as well. I utilize Amazon Music and Youtube as my choice of music apps, and the headset works fantastic. When connected to Bluetooth, the headset adds phone-free versatility. With the built-in quick-access audio controls, you can turn the right wheel to change the song selection and utilize the left wheel to adjust the volume. The wheels are the essential aspect of the LS50X’s functionality.

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You can pause or mute the music using the logo button on the left side. As well as mute the mic on the right side. Not only for music, but the headset also works for cell phone conversations as well. A feature I loved was the built-in mic within the headset itself. When I realized I could use the headsets built-in mic to speak to people, that was a real treat. The detachable mic does add a bit more quality to speaking, but even without it, my friends and mother could still hear me. Now I did have a slight problem if I am farther away from the phone, but within 20-50 feet, I had no issues. Perfect for social distancing my phone. Don’t worry about answering calls either, because the left icon button covers that too.

Features and Sound Quality

LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset - Features and Sound Quality

The features of the LS50X are effective and useful. One great feature the headset has for either gaming or regular use are five EQ modes. EQ modes are changes you can make to enhance your listening experience. The five modes are movie, music, signature, bass boost, and no EQ mode. All modes have different levels of bass, mid-tones, and frequencies for listening. If I want to drown out outside sounds, I could shift to no EQ. If I want to enhance my gaming sound, I would switch to the “bass boost mode” or “signature mode.” It’s a great feature for improving and diversifying the sound quality. The only drawback to this is I wish the headphones had a noise-canceling feature or button. That would be perfect for everyday use. However, the max volume is good enough to dismiss most outside interference.

For gaming on the Xbox One and PC, you use a dongle to connect to the system. The LS50X can utilize four format audio types for the Xbox One. The two primary formats include Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos. Both are great and work well with the headset. However, when I use Dolby Atmos, like wow, playing Overwatch is incredible. I can feel the immersion while the sound quality is crisp and clear. My failed D’Va bombs never sound so good to set off. Combined with “bass boost” at max volume, and it’s pulling you into the game. If you don’t like spending $15 for Atmos, Windows Sonic is still a solid way to go.

The Mic

As for the mic, the LS50X has a detachable dual-mic system with mic monitoring. Which means you can hear your voice amidst other gaming sounds. It’s a great feature, but the mic has to be really close to your mouth for it to pick up on your headset. Which is a bit disappointing. As stated before, the headset is integrated with a built-in discreet mic that makes you less like a dork talking on a headset in public. Both the built-in discreet and detachable mic can be muted using the right icon button on your headset. There is a red indicator on the detectable mic that lets you know if you are muted on not. As for the quality of the mic, it’s not the best. When testing the sound on Audacity, the mic sounds muffled and not clean. It’s not all bad, but its more like meh.

Battery Life

The battery life of the LS50X headset is fantastic. It has a longevity of up to 20+ hours. I used it all week, mostly during work, and it never died out. It is perfect because you can charge it overnight and utilize it for daytime work activities and nighttime gaming sessions. If you forgot to turn it off, never fear, it has an automatic sleep feature. A nifty method you can use to indicate your battery life is double-clicking the left icon button. The headset would tell you whether your battery level is low, medium, or high. If you forget, the headset will tell you that the battery level is low on its own. As for charging the headset, it took only an hour to reach a medium battery level, which is insane for more than 20 hours of battery life.

Bluetooth Capabilities

The Bluetooth for the LS50X is excellent. I was having a conversation with my best friend, and he could hear me clear as day without delay or interruption at all. I utilized the Bluetooth feature on my iPhone 6s. Yes, I know I need an upgrade, but it still works, and the signal is strong. It is also comforting to know that you can distance yourself from your phone if needed and still take calls, listen to music, or listen to your favorite podcast. I did have a slight issue when I went outside while my phone was inside, but I wouldn’t blame it on the headset. That’s just simple Bluetooth limitations.

Looks and Appearances

Let me start by saying this: The headset is bulky! It has weight to it, so you will notice its presence on top of your head, which is not a bad thing, but something to be aware of. It’s also pretty flexible in its quality. You can bend and twist the top without issues due to the padding of the headset. The LS50X can extend about an inch and a half to fit a user’s head, adding to more comfortability. The earcups are padded to the brim with memory foam and patent leather plush, comfortable for long play sessions, or listening to music.

I wouldn’t recommend performing extensive exercises with these. In comparison, they would stay on your head during lifting sessions or leisure walks or jogs. Too much excessive movement will cause them to fall off. I shook them off by moving my head wildly pretty quickly. If you are not as crazy as me, however, then you should be fine and remember: this is still a gaming headset. The headset, while big in appearance, does have a lot of sleekness to it. The headset also comes with a carrying case as well for traveling.


LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset - Overall

Overall, I will say the LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset is one of the best headsets on the market today. I will applaud its dual functionality for both gaming and everyday routine use. The features that come with this headset are excellent and convenient. Its versatility is impressive, and you can use this headset for playing games, recording, phone talking, or listening to music. It has five diverse EQ modes that differ from different frequencies, mid-tones, and bass levels. Adding Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic headset output quality makes your games sound immersive and makes you feel right in the action.

The battery life is impressive, with over 20 hours of battery, and charging recovery is top-notch. The detachable mic is not the best; it does feature a discreet mic, perfect for phone conversations. Bluetooth also has an impressive range. For a $250 price tag, Lucidsound’s LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset is worth a look, including various functionality, features, and versatility for your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and mobile device.

All photos courtesy of Brian Gonzales and Jovan Newsum

Dual Functionality for Both Gaming and Everyday Use
Great Sound Quality
Durable and Flexible Quality Infrastructure
Sleek Design
Diverse Features and Functionality
Immersive Gaming Sound Quality with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic
Five EQ Modes for Diverse Listening Experiences
Comes with a Traveling Case
Excellent Battery Life Up To 20+ Hours
Mic has Quality Issues
No Noise Cancelling Feature

Review Summary

LucidSound: LS50X Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset is a superb headset for the Xbox One and Windows 10. It has dual functionality that is perfect for gaming and everyday use. The features and functionality work well for gaming, music, and phone calls. Combining the five EQ modes with Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic makes games feel immersive and right in the moment. While the mic has its issues in output quality, it does have a discreet mic option that makes phone conversations hands free and easy. LucidSound’s LS50X headset is one of the best on the market with excellent sound quality, sleek design, and diverse capabilities.

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