Maybe it’s Time to Move on to Multiplayer

I’m a somewhat stubborn person. I like my Subway sandwiches the same way every time I order a foot-long. I like to watch movies at the same time every night: 10 PM sharp!. And most importantly, I like my single-player video games – linear, gameplay-driven, heavily-tutorialized, and extremely user-friendly. That’s a code I feel that […]

Blizzard Announces Baptiste Release Date for Overwatch


Blizzard announced Overwatch’s latest Haitian Medic, Baptiste (pronounced “Ba-teest”) a couple of weeks ago, but he’s only been available on PTR (Public Test Region) since that announcement. Great news: today, Blizzard announced the character’s full public release date. He’ll be available on the public modes next Friday, March 19. Everyone sign their life insurance policies? […]

Creative Director Leaves CD Projekt Red for Blizzard

CD Projekt Red

If you’re like us, you’re probably waiting in eager anticipation for CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. So you might be interested to hear that that one of the team’s most prominent leads has left for greener pastures. As found by a user on Resetera, Sebastian Stępień, who has long worked at CD Projekt Red, […]

Winter Wonderland is Lackluster, Overwatch is Failing at Seasonal Events

winter wonderland

Michael Solseth recently made an article about the issues facing Overwatch. In the article, which you can find HERE, he purposely stayed away from talking about events, Winter Wonderland in particular. I am going to take this chance to talk about not just the Christmas event, but how Blizzard is dropping the ball with almost all […]

Culture of Gaming’s Top 10 Black Friday Deals

BLACK FRIDAY IS SO CLOSE NOW YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! with that being said, here are our picks of what you should pick up during this year’s Black Friday sales. From Doom to Black Ops 4, everything is here in this list including a couple of games from last year as well.   Let […]