Gearbox Software released a new Borderlands trailer today teasing new information about the new villains, returning characters, and the overall plot. While the trailer is more of a camera moving around a sill mural of the Borderlands cast doing their thing and looking cool to the tune of “Fools of Rhythm” by Two Fingers, Gearbox tells a lot in the minute-and-a-half trailer.

New Villains, New Cults

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The scene starts off by showing an upside-down Vault Symbol being held by a statue of a woman with angel wings and crouching below her on guard is someone with a very similar hairstyle. We don’t know too much about these two, other than the fact that they are being worshipped by countless bandits from Pandora can probably mean that they’re the new game’s main threat. When the camera zooms out further it shows the two characters in their normal attire ready for battle. It’s also a small thing to note that the male character also has gears and guns being built into his arms, maybe he’ll have a few surprises when you meet him.

These mysterious villains give me Far Cry 5 vibes.

Zooming out the camera pans to four characters shooting at Rakks, while balancing on a moving, possibly flying, car. While it’s hard to figure out who these characters are, it’s traditional that there are four new vault hunters to play as, and these characters seem to be new. In order, there’s a gruff-looking man with a missing eye who might be the tanking class, a robot who might be the sharpshooter, the female driver who could be the new traditional Siren, and a lady who gets some brief screen time jumping off of the vehicle into battle.

Returning Characters

Now in the next scene, we can see three very familiar characters high-fiving. That’s right, Brick, and Mordecai who were the original characters from the first game and supporting characters of the second can be seen high-fiving with an all-grown-up Tiny Tina wearing bunny ears instead of her typical bandit mask. This confirms that the game takes place quite a few years after Borderlands 2, maybe the Borderlands 2 cast will come back to give us their insight on the game’s plot.

With the return of Brick, Mordecai, and Tina, we can assume that most characters will make a return in this adventure.


After that, a whole slew of new and returning characters are seen including Sir Hammerlock the hunter, Ellie the mechanic, and of course, Mad Moxxi’s bar can be seen briefly at the end next to the lady on the new motorbike. It’s also something to note that a random bandit is holding a vault symbol normally as opposed to the upside-down vault symbol the majority of the bandits worship. This could mean that there’s some sort of conflict involving maybe these two factions, the new rule and your characters rebellion, which is generally what happens in the Borderlands series.


Finally, the trailer ends with the words, “Mayhem is coming.” Whether mayhem is the name of our main antagonist or just the running theme of the game is up to Gearbox to reveal as the trailer also announces that Gearbox will host a livestream at PAX East on March 28 at 11 a.m. PDT.

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