Which gender are you most likely to find on a Portuguese gambling platform? Most people will agree with the fact that gambling was traditionally a men’s affair. However, things seem to have changed, and we now see women gambling as they walk to the casinos and even register on various online gambling platforms in drives.

Both men and women are drawn to the gambling platforms by the drive for money and the fun that comes with it. However, women are showing some different traits when on these platforms. We linked up with our gambling expert Victoria Oliveira (you can check her profile) to share some notable differences. These are crucial stats:

The reaction is different between the two genders

The gender stereotypes tend to apply to this case. For instance, you will find some women getting over excited when they win a certain bet. The same women will also get emotional when they lose bets and may end up being demoralized. Women may thus express their feelings through words or even cursing when they lose.

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On the other hand, most men seem to be aggressive. Thus, you may find some of these men banging the slot machine or hitting the table when they lose or win.

Women play different games from men

Gambling is diverse, but sports betting is the most popular form of betting in Portugal and beyond. However, a closer look at the games that women and men will show some notable differences. The main difference is on the type of bet that different genders place.

Typical gaming platforms in Portugal such as those featured at casinos online will have games of chance and strategy. Women will tend to select low-risk games and those that mostly rely on luck, especially Portuguese. On the other hand, men are attracted to games that require a strategy to increase their chances of winning.

Men in Portugal, as well as all over the world, are competitive. You will thus find that they prefer engaging in competitions against other players. Women tend to be more attracted to live dealers. It thus means they will tend to play games that have live dealer options.

Gaming addiction is an issue for both genders

Gambling addiction is something that needs to be addressed before it is too late. It is the state whereby a gambler cannot control his or her gambling actions. In the past, men were the most affected, and they ended up spending the last coin on gambling platforms.

However, recent data shows that women have not been spared by addiction as well. We can now see women who squander all their savings or even end up borrowing heavily to supplement their gambling habits.

However, most of the women who have suffered some sort of gambling harm do not seek help. It thus becomes hard to keep track of the exact number of women who have a gambling problem. Some of these women fear that they may be denied custody of their kids when the authorities realize that they have a gambling problem.

Playing sequences are different

Have you ever had a long gaming session as a man? Men tend to get stuck to a certain activity for long. On the other hand, women have loads of responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and looking after the young ones. Thus, they have less time to gamble and may tend to obligations and responsibilities before they visit a gaming site.

Women will have frequent and short bursts of time when they visit a gaming site. Women will also be attracted to online gaming sites as they value convenience. On the other hand, men will combine both online platforms and visits to the physical gaming establishments.

Spending habits differ

The amount of money that people can spend on gaming will differ based on factors such as disposable income and budget. However, men will tend to be big spenders than women in a typical gambling environment.

Women are good at budgeting and are less likely to raise bets when on a losing streak. They also tend to have lower bankrolls that they build over time. Women are pessimistic about their odds of winning and will thus place lower bets. On the other hand, men believe that they can use strategy to increase their odds of winning certain games.

You can now answer questions such as what is gambling addiction, the type of games that different genders love and who is likely to spend more in a Portuguese casino.


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