Many would say Ubisoft had a very strong showing back at E3. With so many titles on showcase and games to look forward to, you would think having more things to share would be problematic. At Gamescom, Ubisoft had no problems at all going into further details about their upcoming games alongside new game modes. We even had a brand new game announcement that will bring back a long-running strategy series. There are a lot of games to cover so let’s dive straight in and see what information Ubisoft to share with us. Here are the highlights of Ubisoft at Gamescom 2018.

For Honor Gets Arcade Mode

Marching Fire will be the biggest update to For Honor when it adds in the Wu Lin faction, significant graphical enhancements and a new PvP mode. While this sounds like giant additions, there is one more mode that For Honor will get: arcade mode. Arcade mode will throw players into randomly generated combat scenarios of ranging difficulty. As you complete challenges and play through the mode, players can unlock new rewards that can let you level up your gear and reputation level. Everything you do in the arcade mode transfers to the multiplayer, so this can be a great place to try out new heroes and new attack options. Marching Fire marches onto the battlefield October 16. If you’re an Xbox Live gold member, you can get the game for free between now and September 15 through Games with Gold.

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The Crew 2 Announces First DLC Content For Gator Rush

For those of you who traveled the US and experiencing all what The Crew 2 offers, you’ll want to be on look for a brand new race mode coming soon. Gator Rush will bring a new discipline to the game: Hovercrafts. This will add five new vehicles and introduce a new “Ace” difficulty that rewards you with brand new “Legendary Vehicle Parts” to further power up your rides. Alongside with the Hovercrafts, there will be over 20 new races including new events in Jetsprint, Hypercar, and Touring Car and a new episode in the Live Xtrem series. The Gator Rush update will arrive September 26 for Season Pass owners and October 3 for everyone else. As for those of you who are waiting for some PvP action, be on the lookout for an announcement for that as we get closer to December.

Trials Rising Announces Closed Beta and Release Date

For those of you are waiting for the next Trials game, you will be happy to know we now have a release date. Trials Rising will bring the over the top motorcycle action next year on February 12 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. While we are still ways out from the release, you can still register here to join the closed beta running from September 13-16. Can’t wait to see what crazy locations we will get to visit this time around.

Transference Gets First Gameplay, including a playable demo

We have heard so much about Transference, the VR horror game in production by SpectreVison. Co-founded by Elijah Wood, the game will send us explore the fractured minds of a family trapped in a simiulation. We’ve got a lot of hype out of the game, but the time has finally arrived for us to see the game in action at long last.

If you wish to experience Transference, you can play the demo right now. The Walter Test Case is available on the PS4 and it serves as Transference‘s prequel set several years prior. If you have PSVR, immerse yourself in this unforgettable horror experience. Transference inflicts PTSD on those who dare play on September 18.

Ubisoft Announces The Settlers

For those who are unaware of The Settlers series, it has run for 25 years and spanning seven games. Developed by the German studio Blue Byte, you arrive on a new land and build a settlement to grow and prosper. Over the course of its run, Settlers has sold over 5 million copies. With getting publishing help from Ubisoft, an 8th installment in on the way alongside with a History Collection that is a compilation of the first seven games updated for modern systems. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Settlers, you definitely should check it out. The Settlers will make landfall Fall 2019 while the Collection has a planned release date of November 25.

So what do you think?

While we covered most of what Ubisoft offered at Gamescom, there were still plenty of other trailers they had on showcase. Here are some trailers we got from upcoming games.

Which Ubisoft game are you looking forward to the most? Any special additions you can’t wait to join the game? Be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming as we continue to cover all things gaming and check out the Rainbow Six: Siege article we posted earlier talking about the two newest operators.

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