October is here! Which means we’re officially in spooky season! It’s the perfect time to curl up, brew a cup of tea, and get ready for some scares. Now, understandably, some may not be on-board with the haunts, and that’s fine! But that doesn’t mean you should be left out of the fall season! Instead, here are some picks for games that will get you in the spirit for fall!


Inside is by far one of the creepiest games out there. Some may consider it a horror game, but even so, it is palatable even for the most sensitive. It’s a superb puzzle-platformer that will stump you more often than not. More than anything, this game stands out because of its atmosphere. Immediately, the black-and-white world filled with shadows gives off a vibe of eerieness. Hell, this game’s soundtrack was made using a human skull!

games to play in the fall inside
Few games nail atmosphere as Inside does.

Of course, this would be all for naught if it were not a good game. It’s much more than a good game, however, it’s a superb one. There’s a reason we put it on our list of 25 best 2D platformers. The platforming may be a bit more floaty than your standard Mario game, but that few games will break your brain like Inside does. There may not be as tense of a moment like Limbo’s giant spider, but Inside still has its spine-tingling moments. Take the mermaids, for example. And that’s not even counting the ending, which may be one of the most disturbing in any medium. Few games nail atmosphere as Inside does, making it perfect for this time of cooling temperatures.

Night in the Woods

Just one look at this game and you’ll immediately understand why this is the perfect fall game. Fallen leaves and warm tones dominate the world of Night in the Woods. I don’t know about you, but playing it during any other time of the year besides fall feels wrong. As someone from a sleepy town (even more so than Possum Springs, believe it or not), nothing beats fall in a small town.  While it’s aesthetics alone make it worth a play in this time of year, it’s much more than its visuals.

games to play in the fall night in the woods
Night in the Woods nails character work like no other game.

I can’t say much without spoiling, but Night in the Woods has one of the deepest narratives in any game. There’s not much in the way of gameplay necessarily, so that may be a turn-off for some. But the character development is some of the best in video games, and tackles issues the medium is only just beginning to touch (and even then, they’re not ones commonly addressed). And again, without spoilers, Night in the Woods takes a very genuinely creepy turn in its final act. It may not be overtly “Halloween,” but Night in the Woods is a moving, emotional, heartbreaking tale.

Gone Home

Gone Home is a game that defies expectations. At first giving off the impression that it is one of the dime a dozen first-person horror games that have dominated the indie scene, it soon becomes apparent that Gone Home is something different. I can’t say much of anything without spoiling, but my word of advice is this: don’t go in with any sort of expectations. Even talking about this feels wrong, because if you somehow have not played Gone Home yet, you should go in as blind as possible.

games to play in the fall gone home
Even the slightest mention of Gone Home cold spoil the experience.

With that being said, there’s no doubt about the haunting atmosphere that follows you the entire time. Exploring an empty house, at nighttime is going to be creepy no matter the circumstances. Occasional flashes of thunder and lightning give an extra “jump scare” every now and again. While Gone Home may not be what you think it is, it’s still a game you must play. While some may decry it as simply a “walking simulator,” but you owe it to yourself to check out Gone Home. It can be beaten in a single sitting, but it’s a single sitting you won’t forget.

The Wolf Among Us

No, there’s not really anything that screams “fall” or “Halloween” about this game, but hear me out. First off, it’s full of mythical characters that are Halloween staples. With the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, and more, The Wolf Among Us is full of fantastical creatures. It also has all of the makings of a great noir story, with the nighttime setting, harsh lighting, and well, a murder mystery.

games to play in the fall the wolf among us
Fairy tales are Halloween staples.

Seriously, there’s something about a good murder mystery that is perfect for fall. The Wolf Among Us will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time, with one of the most gripping mysteries ever seen in a video game. While it originally had released in episodic format, the whole season is available at once now. A sequel to The Wolf Among Us was originally set for 2019, but with the unfortunate closing of Telltale, we won’t be seeing Bigby Wolf solve another case.

Until Dawn

Yes, I know this is a horror game. But before you leave, let me tell you how you can enjoy Until Dawn if you’re horror-sensitive. You just have to play it not as a party game, but as a party game! Until Dawn is one of my absolute favorite games of this generation, and a big part of it has to do with the fact that every time I’ve played it I’ve had a group of friends to play with. First off, it’s scientifically proved (I’m assuming) that anything horror-related, whether it be film, television, or games, is better with friends.

games to play in the fall until dawn
Until Dawn is a great tribute to the slasher films of old.

Secondly, there’s nothing more fun (as morbid as it sounds) than making these literal life-or-death decisions in a group. Everything decision in this game has a consequence, and it may be a bit too much pressure for one person. Instead, why not have a group of friends yell at you to make a decision instead? Playing Until Dawn, doesn’t take away its scares, but rather makes the scares fun, as you’re sharing them with others.

Now It’s Your Turn!

What kind of games do you like to play this time of year? Are you a fan of the scares? Or does fall for you mean red leaves and pumpkin? Let us know!

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